New outdoor camera won't charge

Received my outdoor base station with camera and two additional cameras. The one with the station refuses to charge. tried to call Wyze and got terminal hold. Their site won’t let me live chat. Anybody else have this problem? Fix?

Welcome to the Wyze community @brevelle046!
Have you made sure that the base station charges other cameras and that the cable is functioning? Does the indicator light turn on when the camera is plugged in?

Try flipping the on/off switch on the back of the camera off, then on again.

Calling Wyze is usually the bast. I’d suggest trying again. If you’d like to chat, you can click the “submit a request” button on Sometimes there’s a chat “bot” that you’ll need to reply to before chatting with support.

Have read with interest the frustration of not being able to charge the outdoor cam. Mine went to 14% and would not charge, neither via USB connection to the base station, nor USB connection to a PC. Plugged it into a separate charger, a SAW-0512500 (no idea where this came from, it’s kind of a generic charger running 5.1 V - 2500mA). Started charging immediately, as shown in the app, and went all the way to 100%.
Best of luck to everyone else, try this it might work for you.

I have never charged my 4 WCO on the base, they all came with a power cord and a AC/DC power adapter that plugs into any regular house outlet. 5 v 2000mA

This was included with your WCOs? I ordered multiple preorder and regular order stand-alone and bundled cameras, none have included this adapter.

Yes, I got all my starter Bundle and 3 stand alone WCO the end of October 2020, all 4 have the adapter and power cord.