Wyze Outdoor V2 won't charge

Hey folks. I got my father in law started with his first Wyze V2 Outdoor. He liked it so much he bought 2 additional add-ons.
One of the add-ons batteries were dead. He charged it to %100. Put it back out and the next morning it was dead again. He took it down to charge it and it’s now dead completely. I advised him to leave it on the charger longer to see if it would get a charge. Nothing.
It was purchased at Home Depot in Canada. Couple months ago. Will Wyze warranty this being he is in Canada?

Was the device turned off prior to the charge attempt?
I have always found it best to power off the outdoor cams while charging.

I would suspect if you still have the receipt from the Home Depot they will replace the device?

The WCO is sold on the Wyze CA site, so it would be worth the time to contact Wyze Support also.


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Yes, he always turns it off when charging. I had him plug it in all night again, turned off.
Will see what he says when I hear from him

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