Outdoor cam battery dead at 50%

My outdoor camera battery gets down to about 50% then just quits working. The app says off line at that time. It is at my cabin so it just doesn’t work until I get there and bring it in and charge it.

I 've had the same 4 WCO since October 2020 and have never had one die at 50%, I usually charge them when they get to about 40%. Does your base station show that it is on line ? I have an issue about every 3-4 months when the cams will show off line or not connect so I just power cycle the base station via a smart plug and they all come back on line, good for another 3-4 months without a disconnect.


Yes it shows offline. The smart plug is a good idea to power cycle it remotely. The problem is it says 50 or 60 percent then goes offline. I tried syncing from the base and the camera but that didn’t work. So I brought the camera in and plugged it in and the battery said 0%. If the battery is dead a power cycle won’t help.

I wonder if maybe when it loses signal it keeps searching and that drains the battery?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes if the cam loses the signal from the base it will keep trying to connect if it detects motion . A weak signal from the base will also kill the battery in a short time if the camera detects an event and can’t talk to the base.

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Wyze makes a solar panel that might help but it only ‘extends battery life’ so you will still need to recharge it, although less frequently.

I bought several Wasserstein solar panels when they were introduced because they have a 2400 mAh 18650 cell inside (I took it apart and tested the cell on an Opus C3400 analyzer).

The Wyze solar panel does not have a battery.

The WOCs that are connected to solar panels have stayed at 100% charge for months, sometimes dropping a bit when we have a few cloudy days but they bounce back quickly when sunny days return.

I applied a bit of clear silicone sealer around the perimeter of the connection at the WOC for insurance.

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