Wyzecam Outdoor V2 goes offline when solar panel charges to 100%

Hi there,

I have a cam outdoor v2 powered with a solar panel.
As soon as it charges to 100%, the camera goes offline until the battery goes down to 0%.
Once the next day (with sun) arrives, the battery start to charge again, the camera goes online again and after 2 days (time to get to 100%), here we go again… offline for 2/3 days… this is so annoying.
Anyone facing the same issue? I hope Wyze will issue a firmware update asap as it is useless at this stage.

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Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @enzaeleo! :slight_smile:

I’ve not noticed anyone mention that issue. So you may have a malfunction.

Does the battery also go from 100% to 0% overnight? That might also be an indication that something is up, as it should take a couple of months unless you are live streaming.

Here is contact info for Wyze support:


Sounds very much related to this thread… and I’ve experienced similar behaviors.

@Newshound speaks the truth when recommending that you contact support. I received a warranty replacement for my original troubled cam, and thus far the replacement has been working perfectly for over a month.

I still don’t fully trust it yet, but it keeps trying to persuade me that all is now well… :smile:

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no, the battery does not go from 100% to 0 overnight. as explained it goes by 2/3 days cycle… over the 2/3 days when charging from 0% it is online and works properly… when reaching 100%, it goes offline and stays offline until it slowly goes down to 0% over the 2-3 days… it seems there is an issue in the charging management

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replacement of what? camera or solar panel?

The cam itself. Although I did actually receive a replacement solar panel as well, I’m pretty sure that the cam was the culprit. If you are still within the warranty period, I would hit up wyze support for a replacement unit. There does seem to have been a bad batch of them or something since many other folks have had this issue.

I observed similar sporadic behavior to this. Once I replaced the original cam with the warranty unit I received, everything seems to be working as expected for about 5 weeks now.

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Interestingly enough, from a couple of days after the above post the camera has been stable and does not disconnect anylonger.
Also, I notice the battery always stays at 100% because over the night it does not discharge itself.


Same thing just happened to me. I got a $20 credit, no replacement cam,