WCO discharging daily via Solar Panel!

Guys I need help! I first noticed that my WCO battery was discharging daily in April and submitted a ticket in response to this issue to Wyze support around the end of April. At that time I still had about a month left on my 1 year warranty on the camera/base station combo that I purchased from Amazon. I never had a solar panel to attach to the camera until March of 2023 whenever Wyze had that big sale and I purchased one to use with my camera so that I wouldn’t have to bring it in to charge it manually. Well it had been about a month and I noticed that instead of charging my camera battery it seemed to be draining it! Even though the Solar Panel was in full sun daily and the little lightning bolt was showing next to the battery bar in the app at the end of the day the percentage was going down instead of up. So I contacted WYZE in regards to this issue. Wyze Ticket 2987759 was created on April 28th 2023. After the troubleshooting steps were completed and I sent the requested information to Wyze they required I was shipped a replacement solar panel. At first the panel worked to charge the camera battery back up to 99% from 76% but over time and since then the camera battery has continued to discharge every day at a rate of about 1% and now despite my replacement solar panel being in the sun continually daily the battery is depleting daily and now down to 44%. I have contacted Wyze again with this issue Wyze Ticket 3209567 and even submitted a Log ID 1127519 but now I am being told that since my warranty period has expired they will do nothing to remedy this situation!!

I am shocked and disgusted to say the least after being a long time and faithful customer of this brand. I have seen where there are MANY other people having the same issue as I am with the WCO v2 discharging instead of charging with the solar panel so I know that it simply cannot be a solar panel issue. It has to be a hardware or software issue with the camera. Since Wyze will not honor my initial support ticket in regards to this same issue in April I am left with a camera that cannot be charged via solar! I will NOT be purchasing any more Wyze products and I will NOT be renewing my CAM Plus subscription. They have lost me as a customer but I am sure that they could care less. I just expected more from Wyze than this. Seems like the WCO v2 is a faulty device and they don’t care!

I don’t need a 3rd solar panel, I need a camera that will accept the solar panel charge!

I’m sorry that your having trouble with your solar panel and that you had a poor support experience.

Could you answer a few questions for me so I can try to help you out?

First off, when you charge the cam with a normal cable from the wall, does it charge?

Have you check that the solar panel toggle in the cams settings > accessories > solar panel, is enabled?

Have you tried disabling event recording temporarily to see if the camera is able to charge back up?

Have you tried cleaning the solar panel to remove any dust?

Thanks, and I hope we can solve the issue!

@IEatBeans Thank you for your response. I will be more than happy to answer your questions as it seems that no one is responding to my support ticket anymore even after I have written them back 2 times now. Yes poor support experience doesn’t begin to explain it. They really are washing their hands here.

I had a month of warranty time left whenever I first reported this issue. I would think that any reputable company would honor their warranty on a defective product where the issue the customer is having was submitted to them within the warranty period (April 28th 2023 with one month warranty remaining) and after testing with a replacement item is still an ongoing problem because the issue has still not been resolved. That is just NOT good business at all to not honor a warranty period for when the issue was first reported and submitted until the issue has been resolved the customer is made whole. Obviously the troubleshooting (being sent a new solar panel and testing with that) has proved that it was NOT the solar panel and the issue lies with the camera itself.
But to answer all your questions:
There is no problem with manual charging the camera indoors. It will charge to 100% that way.
Yes the toggle for the solar panel is selected as shown here:

The camera is only on during the night for 12 hours from 8pm to 8am. I have not tried disabling the event recording to see if that would help? I will try that.
The solar panel is clean and free of obstructions.
This clearly shows my current state of battery percentage (43%) and you will see that during the day the little lightning bolt is showing supposedly indicating charging but everyday the percentage drops by 1 percent. There is no charging at all, only discharging daily.

I have read the forums here and know that this is a well known issue for many people. What I don’t understand is why Wyze is not addressing this issue and making those who are experiencing this issue whole?

How many events do you get on average everyday?

@IEatBeans Since it is only on during the nighttime hours from 8pm to 8am and it is focused on my driveway, usually none to 1 every now and then. Basically the only time it picks up anything and records is whenever we leave the house during the day and come back home on the weekends so maybe twice on the weekend on Saturdays. So not many at all during the course of a whole month. I do set it to be active/on whenever we leave the house. Other than that it is only on during those 12 hours a night so hardly ever any events at nighttime. I hope that this helps…

I tried your suggestion of disabling the events and that has not helped to stop the camera from discharging daily. I am now down to 39% battery status.
I have even tried below what @Seapup suggested on another thread with this same issue from last year in 2022. It didn’t help or change anything either.

Make sure your app, cam and base station versions are up to date. Unplug the solar panel from your cam and flip the cam’s power switch off. Disconnect power from your base station for a minute, reconnect and wait for the solid blue status light. Flip the cam’s power switch back on. Plug the solar panel into the cam making sure the solar panel plug is fully seated in the back of the cam. Reboot your phone, start up the app and try to connect to the cam.

Discharging still continues everyday in spite of the panel being in the sun.

You can view the battery usage in the cams settings > details. If you fully charge the cam it will reset the battery usage thing, and then after a few days yoy can see what’s draining the battery.

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How much time per day do you spend live streaming your WCO, if at all?


What do you mean on and off? What rules do you use? Are you talking about actually turning the camera off and on? Or just enabling and disabling different settings? Screen shots of rules will help, thanks!

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Thanks for the info…

Very seldom do I view the live feed since the cam is on only during the night 99% of the time.

Meaning the I have my cameras (all of them V3’s and the one Outdoor Cam V2) on a schedule to turn on at 8pm and turn off at 8am daily. The only other rule I have set is Away On which turns on all my cameras whenever I leave the house. I am at home all the time everyday so only when I leave do I set them to the Away mode/rule and all other times they only turn on for 12 hours to record events only during the night 7 days a week… I hope that explains what that means and is helpful… My cameras are NEVER used 24/7 and I do NOT use continuous recording on any of them. Motion events only.

**I should note that I also have Blink outdoor cameras as well that do run off of solar panels and I never have issues with them at all. They have worked flawlessly for years with the solar panels. Only this WCO camera will not charge (only discharge using a solar panel)… So something is definitely not right here…

Could you provide screenshots of the rules? There are many diffrent definitions of “turn off”, and a screenshot will help confirm what type your using

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And how about a screenshot of the battery usage graph, go to settings then device info, then click on battery usage and take a screenshot. Thanks in advance! For this it’s better to take a screenshot after the camera has been discharging for a while, but before you charge it back up so that it shows some usage.

Since the battery was down to 34% I brought it inside to charge it, Sorry… it’s now over 57% and continuing to charge back up.

It’s pretty plain and simple like I said but here’s the images that you requested about the rules…

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What does that graph show now? I think it resets when it gets fully charged, maybe?

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At 6:33pm it was fully charged and I had to turn the camera on in order to access the graph area but it was all reset so I guess it must reset upon fully charging. I can give you a report on that in a few days though if that will be acceptable since I will be putting the camera back outside in a few minutes??