Outdoor Camera v2

My battery lasted just beyond the warranty period. Has anyone found a better camera/solution for wire free?

Are you sure it is out of Warranty? The heading says Outdoor Camera v2, I don’t think the WCO Version 2 has been out for over 1 year, Maybe a Version 1 WCO ? I think the WCO Version 2 came out earlier this year like April/May 2022.


Is there’s reason you cannot charge the battery?

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I’m still having trouble charging the WCO V1. I decided to mount my V1 under my deck, so I ran a USB charging cable to the camera. Everything is water tight. However, I can’t get it to charge beyond ~74%. Even when I turn off the camera! I’ve tried using the Base Station (recommended by Wyze), and different stand alone 5V charges. All with no better results. I really don’t it to stay charged at ~100%, but should my power go out I’d still like it to record.

Anyone else having issues with charging a WCO V1? The camera was not used that much prior to the last week, so it’s like brand new.

There are charging issues with the WCO V2, but not the v1. Are you sure this is a v1? Check the bottom of the camera.

Yeah, it’s a V1. Well, maybe this cam has a bum battery. Not a real issue since it will always stay plugged in. But still,… I’ve got a V2 I’m getting ready to install outside with a cable as well. On my bench it’s staying at 100% so that’s a good sign - so far.

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