Outdoor cam acting odd

My outdoor cam suddenly went from 80% to 0% after I felt like the battery indicator was not accurate lately. I tried charging it with the power off - it read 88% but it only lasted an hour. The red light does blink, but now it never shows anything other than 0% in the app now. The unit is about 2 years old and is up to date on firmware. I have updated the app too. Any ideas? Is the life span of an outdoor cam about 2 years?

Thank you for any help.

I had a similar problem with a couple of my outdoor cams. Somebody suggested plugging it in and charging it from the unit base. I’m not too sure why, but it seemed to work.

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I will try this out today - thank you. Hopefully this resolves the problem - I just paid my yearly subscription to Cam+.

The usb port on the base station is designed with the appropriate amps to charge the WCOs the best, so definitely try using it. Turn the camera off via the switch, and let it charge overnight on the base. Power the cam on right next to the base (unplugged) and wait for it to be viewable in the app. The battery percentage won’t be accurate until the live view loads.

Well, unfortunately that didn’t solve the issue. Camera only held a charge for a few minutes before it went to 0%. Most likely a battery issue. I appreciate the help.

If you are in an area with extreme temperatures, 2 years might be all that can be expected from a rechargable battery. Here is a link with teardown photos of a Wyze Outdoor Cam if you feel Tech Savvy enough to attempt taking apart the camera.