Outdoor camera will not charge

My outdoor camera is at 0% and will not charge. I’ve always kept my camera charge above 25%. A few weeks ago I noticed it was at 50% so I decided to charge it overnight. The camera battery percentage did not change. A week or two later it got below 20% so I decided to try again. I left it charging for several hours and it went up 7%. I left it for over 2 days and it finally got above 100%. Two days later it was at 0%. Now it will not charge above 0% after 2 days of charging. I’ve tried different chargers,cables and even the USB connection on the base. Nothing changes. The light will blink red, but when I check back later the light is not on.

Anyone have any ideas?

Did you ever get this resolved?
After 14 months of going down about 1% per day my outdoor cam battery starting running down to zero within a week.

After reading some posts here:

  • I deleted the camera from the wyze app
  • Plugged the USB and tried charging in the base station (still no luck)
  • Then, tried re adding the camera through the app and pressing the sync button.
  • Finally, I see the red light blinking which means its charging.

What is the expected “life” of a Wyze Cam Outdoor as far as recharging goes? Like this poster, I let s run way down before I recharge.