Wyze Wireless Outdoor Cam Not Fully Charging

I recently bought another wireless outdoor cam. After a week of being attached to several different chargers the red charging light was still flashing. All my others will go to a steady light indicating full charge after a few hours.
I bought a replacement and after many hours of charging the red light is still flashing. I activated it and it shows 89% charge. Is there something here I am missing? These units seem to be defective.
Has anyone else seen this problem with recent purchase outdoor cameras?

I have the same issue but it only charges to 69% and no farther. Also it will say it is dead but when I plug it in to charge it immediately says it has over 50% battery life remaining. no idea what to do

Try turning them off with the switch before charging. I’ve noticed charging doesn’t function as well when they are switched on while charging.

Makes since. I’ll give that a try. Thanks

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I turned it off and put on the charger. Ten minutes later the LED went solid red. When I turned it back on, the charge showed 100%. It seems fixed.
Great answer. Thanks

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Glad it helped!