Wyze Cam Outdoor goes from 89% to dead

I have a Wyze Outdoor Cam I got for Christmas. It charges (takes forever) then works until it hits 89% then goes to “critical” at 0%. I re-charge and the exact same thing. Hits 89% and goes to zero. I have maybe 8-10 events on the camera per day. Any thoughts?

My other Wyze cam outdoor works fine.

There were recent firmware updates for the base and cams that I believe address this issue. Please ensure that you’re running the most current firmware on your cam(s) and base.

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I recommend the following, which worked for me. The weather has been near freezing lately.

Make sure the camera is inside. Turn it off. Recharge from the base station. After it is fully charged, disconnect the charging cable.

Turn the cam on and leave it inside. Just point it towards a wall. Make sure your Firmware is up to date. See how well the battery holds up.

Put it back outside if the battery is stable.