Off Line again/ No it is not

I thought this crap was fixed with 2 firmware updates ago. These outdoor cams are not off line. And yes I signed out of the app, force closed it and it is still showing off line> :slightly_frowning_face:
The driveway is a V3

I to am experiencing the offline issue…
Sounds like an extended power cycle is the resolution.

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a pain to have to resolve this by power cycling, especially if you have to climb to get there… I’ll cycle the WCO in the house but my other is 15 feet high and covered in .25 inches of ice. So that one I’ll wait.

My firmware and app are all the latest. WYZE need to provide some $$$$$ for labor because I am tired of dragging that damn ladder around the house every week for something. My cams are only 8 or 9 feet but it is still a pain in the A$$.

I powered off my WCO waited a minute or 2 turned it back on - still showed as offline

Logged out, Force Closed App, Cleared Cached, rebooted phone, logged back in - still shows as offline.

Gonna have 3 fingers of something neat - I’ll let you know in the AM how it goes.

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I have several original indoor cams (no issues) yet my 1 wireless outdoor cam was the only 1 showing offline however upon viewing was fine.
The following, provided by Wyze wizard, rectified my situation…it’s been like 2 weeks/no issues. FYI, #3… I tried 2x’s w/ 2nd try I waited/postponed a tad longer.
Give it a go. If not, Ms. Larabelle knows what will.
Best, PL

Thank you for reaching out to the Wyze wizards team, My name is Larabelle. I will be happy to assist you. I see your outdoor camera shows offline but operating fine. No worries, we’ll work this out together.

Here are some troubleshooting steps I would like you to try:

  1. Check your app is up to date here.

  2. Please try to log out, force close the app, reboot the phone, and log back in.

If this still doesn’t resolve your issue, please power cycle your camera.

To power cycle your Wyze Cam Outdoor:

  1. On the back of the camera, flip the power switch to the Off position.
  2. If connected to a power source, unplug the cord from the camera.
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Flip the camera’s power switch back to the On position

It’s almost Irish day, another good excuse “Jameson”

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And now I get the 06 error on every cam including the V3 event videos after 5:02 PM Pacific time. WTH are they doing???/////

you probably did this, but wanted to mention. I received this today on the WCO, I did nothing to the Camera but rather unplugged the power from the base station it was connected to. Plugged it back in and the Camera came back online. May have been a fluke. :slight_smile:

This is going to sound a little weird, but today I was experiencing an issue with the error 6 (Just a few) and my WCO showed offline even though it worked. In addition, my thumbnails were not matching the camera reporting. My doorbell notification was showing the garage cam as the thimbnail.

What I did

  1. I unplugged the power from the base station the WCO was attached to and my WCO cam back online.

  2. Ended up uninstalling the App, rebooting my phone then installing again. Made sure all of my settings were set so that I get notificaitons promptly. Went into the app and my thumbnails were corrected and have not gotten anymore Error 6. May have been a fluke, but seemed to work. Time will tell.

Today I added the Cam Plus to my wireless and it has been showing for a few 6 hours has been showing off and online. All other cameras are working and App is on iphone. There is a slash through the cloud symbol for base. I go and connect and the WiFi does not show the router. Under device instead of it only supplied device model, MAC, IP, Firmware, Activated and Plugin Version. Then it spans the rest of the list populates with Change Connection and WiFi Network. I review to ensure all is accurate. Next click back arrow and it spans and states no WiFi. Camera shows loading and it works and then it starts all over after a second. I set it again go to wireless camera setting and enter, but, every time I toggle back to the app screen to see the cameras it shows the base station screen as spanning and no connection.

Any suggestions?

I will note that my currently has 3 lights point at camera and he, his wife, father in-law and friend who has been driving in front of my house point a device every time at my front camera.
The cameras keep recording as they have the sd cards in them, but, on events an error will appear. Once I going into playback I can see the footage.

Well… I have no choice now. Everything is getting rebooted, been without power for almost an hour.

Guess I’ll have a double, maybe a triple.

Have one on me.

This morning I just turned off power to to the base, closed the app and started up again. Everything looks like it is working “right now” except my 16 day old problem of “download failed, please try again” on the 4 WCO.

“Have one on me” reminds me of when I won a bottle of liquor at a party. I don’t drink so I asked a co-worker if he wanted it. He replied “does it pour?” :joy:

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Both my WCOs say they are offline. They continue to generate motion clips. If I multi-tap or long tap the icon, the camera will connect ( after a longer than usual delay).

Anyone else having the same issue?

Great, so back outside and manually turning them off.

Wyze is promoting these right now. One would think they would address the battery drain issues and connectivity issues to encourage sales.

But I bet your ladder was happy to see you again and again and again

Fortunately no ladder involved. :smile:

Good for you. I hate ladders ever since I fell off one and destroyed my knee so my cams are only 8 feet high. Six foot ladder is ok.

The base station was the part I missed. Nature took care of it for me.

All square now.

Does it pour… ha!