Camera image not live, turned off in app, now "Offline"

I could swear I’ve asked about this issue before, because it’s happened before - but the steps I remember taking before that corrected the issue don’t seem to be working this time.

What, exactly, does it mean when my Outdoor cam is “offline?” Offline from what? From the base, or from Wyze?

I have the iOS app. The live image from my camera, in the app, freezes. I use the ON/OFF “button” in the app, next to the camera, to try to “cycle” the camera off and back on. Only, it won’t come back on, it goes offline. I cycle the base station, which is easy to reach, and the LED eventually goes solid blue, and I force-restart the app, but still no live image. So, though I wish I didn’t have to, I climb the ladder to power cycle (by unplugging/replugging) the camera (because the power cord is easier to reach than the button). Wait awhile - still no live image. LED on base still solid blue. Power cycle the base again, back to solid blue, force restart the app - camera still “offline.”

I’m going to be away from the house tomorrow and REALLY wanted to be able to monitor via my camera. This is frustrating. (Oh, and base is connected via ethernet, and signals show great all around. The only thing I’m a little confused about is the IP address of the camera seems to be off my network - but does that get assigned by the base?)

First off , DO NOT remove the base or the camera from the app

Try this , add the base station as new again .

This happened to me on my 2nd day of having the WCO v2 . First day worked fine , next day it randomly went offline .

Adding the base station from scratch got my camera back online . Worth a try…

Just to clarify, you have your camera plugged in 24/7, not using the battery?

Correct. I have a Wyze solar panel.

In order to restart the camera, last night, I had my husband climb the ladder and unplug it. I just realized this morning, that all that does is temporarily disconnect the solar charger, so I never actually restarted the camera. Today, the battery died, because it wasn’t charging overnight (being in the dark), but it is also now alerting me every minute to motion in the driveway, when there is no motion. How do I resolve this, when I am not at home? (yes, I know I can turn off alerts, but I want to get the legitimate ones.)

EDITED to also ask: If I press the “off button” next to my camera in the app’s list of cameras - is that going to take it offline, again? The solar seems to not be increasing the held charge in the camera today - I’m charging, but stuck at 0%.

The only way to restart the camera is to flip the switch on the back of the cam off and back on for a few seconds.

When its offline, is the base station showing online in the app?

Try moving the cam or the base closer together (even temporarily)

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So does the “OFF button” in the app do nothing?

The base station never shows offline/online, I don’t think - does it? It shows an IP address, and that it’s got a good signal, and that it’s “associated” to the camera.

The cam and base are within 3 feet of each other, but separated by a wall/window. Do they really need to be closer? Esp. since they’ve been working well at that distance for some time … ?

The off button is just for temporarily disabling the camera features like recording and live view, but it doesn’t actually reboot the cam.

If the base goes offline it will show a cloud with a slash through it.

Sorry this is happening, not sure what else to try…

Have you tried contacting support?

I had 4 WCO show off line on Sunday, the LED on the base was solid blue. I forced closed the iOS app, opened it back up and and the 4 cams were showing as on line and they were. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Something weird happened to my camera, I believe, when it was “off-line.“ Something continued to furiously use the battery. (I’m not sure I understand the battery chart in the app.)

But today, when it came back online all by itself, it showed that it was charging but it was at 0%, and that’s when I started getting motion detection every minute.

When I got home, I restarted the camera, but I realized that it was not going to charge sufficiently being plugged into the solar panel, so I brought it in and plugged it using the power cable. Even then, it was charging extremely slow, because it was still on. So I have now shut it off, and I’m waiting for it to get a sufficient charge, to see what happens next.

I would like to know 2 things, for now: what could’ve happened when it was off-line to suck the battery dry, and why did I get those every minute notifications today when it came back online? Actually, let’s make it 3 things: why would it go off-line in the first place?

No, I haven’t called Support yet. I spent five hours online with my cable TV company’s support line this week, so I’ve had enough of dealing with Support techs.

If it goes off line it lost connection to the base. The camera is still powered looking for the base signal and it will run the battery down quickly, as will a weak Wi-Fi signal from the base to the cam.
I don’t know about the notifications, but probably when the cam came back on line it was sensing a heat source someplace and sending notifications, what was the camera looking at when it came on line and what events did it record?

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When its offline it will keep trying to reconnect, which drains the battery quickly

I just realized that what happened in Sept 2022, as posted in this thread - is exactly what happened in the post I made yesterday. My camera went offline almost exactly one year ago today, took a still image every minute, for a period, and completely drained the battery. Just like yesterday/today.

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