Wyze outdoor camera showing offline

Hello there! I’d recently installed Wyze outdoor cam and it was working fine till yesterday. It was stuck on a single image and kept showing me the same image for hours. I assumed that turning it off and turning it back on again using Wyze mobile app remotely would fix the issue. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and got worse. Now the camera is showing offline.

Can we restart the camera remotely? Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

First off, is this the wired v3 cam, or the battery Wyze cam outdoor?

If it’s the battery powered cam with the base, try power cycling the base (you will need to be home or have a smart plug)

If it’s the wired v3, v2, or any other wired cam, power cycling it.

Both do require you to be home, there’s no way to resolve this remotely. If it happens frequently you may wanna look into your network, and/or get a smart plug to put on the device for remote power cycling.

Wyze is looking into this issue, so if you have a micro sd card in the cam when your home it would be helpful if you could get a log file off of that card and email it to microsdcardlogs@wyze.com


Thank you for the quick response. Appreciate it!!