Google Home can't turn off Wyze Cam after power outage

Hi all, I have been getting many short power outages since covid, as I imagine most people have been using their air conditioners all day and it’s stressing the grid. ANYWAY, Google Home can’t turn off the Wyze Cam afterwards, but can turn it on. I have to manually go into the Wyze app and turn it off. It can then be turned on by Google Home, but when I try to turn it off, it says “sorry, that mode isn’t available for Wyze Cam”. To get the command to work again, I have to remove it from my “home” and add it back. Then it works. Any tips on how to get this working? Or perhaps the Wyze team can fix this issue? Thanks!

This is Probably a bug. You might have to keep removing the cam(s) from your “home” and adding them back.

The @WyzeTeam can definitely try to help!

That seems to remind me of having to mess with the IFTTT app sometimes to get it to interface correctly.

@Big_monkey Yes!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad new but it was an intentional decision to prevent Google Home from being able to power off Wyze Cams. It’s been this way since beta and there is no intention to allow Google Home to power off the cameras sighting security concerns.

I know this is disappointing for many but there is a workaround. Create an IFTTT applet with the Google Assistant trigger “turn off my porch camera” (or whatever you wish) and select the “turn camera off” option from the Wyze service as action. This will allow you to turn off the cameras by voice.


Thanks for the workaround. Power just blipped an hour ago so this is good to know. Going to make an IFTTT applet now

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Hi Daniel, I am still having an issue. I looked into this, and I did have an IFTTT flow to control the camera. I deleted what I had and made a new flow, but it is still happening. If there is a blip in the power, the Wyze Cam turns on, and is unable to turn off with the command I have set through IFTTT (which worked before the power went out). It’s like it doesn’t work through IFTTT until it is turned off through the Wyze app.

The Wyze Cam will default to on when power is restored and there may be a few minutes delay after reboot before the IFTTT applet can reach the camera to control it. Mine works fine via IFTTT after a power interruption.

You can connect the camera’s power supply to a smart plug as an alternative if you are very serious about privacy. The smart plug will default to its last state after power is restored to it.