Using Alexa with Wyzecam (V2)

Is it possible to use Alexa to turn on/off the Wyzecams. I have the Wyze skill installed but it does not seem to turn the cameras on/off when i say “Alexa, turn on living room camera”.

Not to turn the power on or off, no. You can ask Alexa to display the video on Alexa devices that have a screen or on the Fire TV devices. If you want Alexa to actually turn the power off, you would have to plug the camera power supply into a smart plug. That also has benefits like being able to power cycle the camera when away from home if for some reason it needed to be rebooted and you couldn’t reach it through the app.

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You could do this by plugging the camera into a Wyze plug and asking Alexa to turn that on or off.

i just have a an issue with using smart plugs (Amazon, not Wyze) just to turn on/off the cameras. :slightly_smiling_face:

is it possible to use IFTTT (never used it but have heard about it) to tell Alexa to turn off camera(s) which in turn would invoke an IFTTT action to run the Wyze rule that i have set up.

right now i have 8 rules to turn on and off my 4 cameras plus 2 rules to turn on and off all the cameras. so i can do it fairly easily using the Wyze app but thought it would be more convenient when leaving the house to just tell Alexa to do it.


Looks like that is possible, yeah. I just checked it out.

  1. Go to Get Started - IFTTT and click “This”
  2. Search for “Alexa” as the trigger
  3. Choose “Say a specific phrase” and choose your phrase
  4. Click “That”
  5. Search for “Wyze” as the action
  6. Choose “Turn off device”

Note that with IFTTT’s Alexa integration, you have to say the word “trigger” before your phrase, which is sort of annoying, but that’s just how it works. So, if your phrase was “turn off Wyze cam,” then you’ll say “Alexa, trigger turn off Wyze cam.”

Wouldn’t the Wyze cam need a power button for this to be possible?

when i say turn on/off what i really meant was to start/stop recording. sorry for any confusion.

Works like a charm.

Had to also set up IFTTT applets to turn on/off motion detection and notifications as IFTTT seems to allow you only one THAT to add.

in the Alexa routine for “turn on cameras” (i.e. Alexa trigger turn on cameras) i then added actions to:

  1. turn the cameras on
  2. enable motion detection
  3. enable notifications

for “turn off cameras” i do the reverse.

thanks for your example.

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Glad it worked for you!

After setting up the applet in Ifttt, if you go to Alexa routines you can set up a routine that “triggers” an Ifttt applet without using the word trigger. For example, your applet in Ifttt is setup with a THIS of Alexa trigger turn cameras off and a that of turn x camera off. If you now go to Alexa Routines and for “When this happens” you select “voice” and enter turn camera off (or whatever phrase you like) and then for the action select IFTTT and choose the applet setup above, you can now simply say Alexa turn off camera without saying trigger.

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Good info. I haven’t played around with IFTTT a ton, so I didn’t realize you could streamline that a bit more. :slight_smile: That’s great!


implemented your solution by changing the “voice phrase” in the Alexa and it works perfectly. thanks for the suggestion. it’s a lot easier this way as well as more intuitive.


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I use IFTTT on my phone and have it setup to turn my cams on / off whenever I leave or enter a specific area around my home. It works great.

I wonder if you could set up one IFTTT rule to ask Alexa to guard your house by running the command Alexa I’m leaving and then have it guard the house and turn on the cameras? And then do the reverse when I get home?

It’s a one-way street. Alexa can trigger actions in IFTTT but IFTTT can’t make Alexa do anything directly.

I have IFTTT setup that when I leave/enter the area around my home it turns on/off my Wyze camps. I can also say “alexa I’m leaving/home” and the lights around the house are randomized.

and the lights around the house are randomized.

what do you mean by the this? the times that the lights come on are random or only certain lights come on randomly?

what brand of lights are you using (if that matters at all) and how do you accomplish this? right now i have some lights come on at certain times (using Samsung’s SmartThings) but at some point i would like to have the lights come on randomized within a certain window (say 0- 30 minutes before 5PM). ultimately i want figure how to do it before it gets dark so i do not have to continually change the time.

When you tell Alexa you’re away, it starts Guard mode. In addition to listening for noise like glass breaking, smoke alarms, etc in which Alexa will text you, It can randomly turn lights on and off to make it look like someone is home. The lights it randomly cycles are the devices you designate in Alexa as lights. So if you have a smart plug on a lamp, you have to designate it as a light in the Alexa app for it to be in the light group

I was able to add the cameras and a light to the I’m leaving routine. Alexa now starts guarding the house, turns on the living room light and all of the wyze cams. And when I come home, I say Alexa I’m home and she stops guarding turns off the light and cameras. I had to do this in the Alexa app with and IFTTT applet.

I think you can do this without the need for IFTTT now. Which part do you need IFTTT for?