Alexa On/Off Compatibility

I use the Wyze Cam V2 for in my home and do not want it on 24/7. I tend to turn it off through the app when I am home, but was wondering if there are any plans to incorporate the ability to turn the camera on/off by asking Alexa. This would be an amazing feature because the Wyze Cam is the only thing in my house that currently needs an app to turn on and off. It tends to capture video when moving from room to room when I am home, and would like the ability to ask Alexa to turn off the camera and possibly even a feature in which Alexa can record a certain instance when prompted.

Hi, I’m pretty sure you could use IFTTT to find/create this routine for Alexa. Try going to or download the app. for your iPhone or Android device and see if that would help you.

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Thank you!

A pretty simple solution would be to put the Wyze Cam power supply in a Wyze smart plug. That way you could name the plug “Camera Power” or anything you like and ask Alexa to turn it off or on. You could even use the Alexa app to turn it on remotely if you forgot or power cycle the camera while away if it needed to be rebooted for some reason.