Using Amazon Alexa to control WYZECAM? Is there a downside to this use?

WYZECAM does not have off/on switch but does maintain settings so when it is re-booted (turned on) everything is works just where it left off.

I plug our WYZECAM into a tp-link smart plug which in turn is accessible by Amazon Alexa. So when we leave to house we just tell Alexa to “turn on security (or whatever name you gave your smart plug)”.

This works well for us as we don’t need/want WYZECAM online while we’re home.

Is there a downside to this? Does it hurt to WYZECAM to frequently turned off and on? Would appreciate any ideas on this.

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No downside I’m aware of. I have the same setup, although mine is because my cams seem to go offline for no reason. When they say unable to connect, I just power cycle them from my IOT app or Google Home.

I don’t see any downsides. It is actually a smart use of the Alexa and switch. Even if after Wyze Cam is integrated with Alexa directly, there is no skill to turn the camera on or off.

That’s a good idea actually. If you have a smart hub like SmartThings you can also have it turn on/off when your phone leaves your homes geofence or a little less secure is by using a open close sensor on your front door.


You can also schedule what times it’s on. Like come on at 10pm when you go to bed and turn off in the morning. Then the same for when you’re at work.

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