Feature Request - Turn the camera on and off from the App

It would be totally awesome and useful a ton of times to turn my cam on and off from the app, I am unplugging it whenever I dont need it and this is not the right way!

Plug it into a WeMo or similar smart plug and you pretty much have this functionality (in the interim).

I currently have a v2 (and a Pan on order) that will both be installed in separate rooms using smart plugs, smart plugs configured as a group and added to an Echo routine. I say “Alexa, we’re going out” and she shuts off a bunch of lights and devices, and turns on the WyzeCams to monitor. When I return I say “Alexa, we’re back” and a select few lights turn on, and the WyzeCams shutdown so they’re not monitoring us while we’re home.

Edit to add: my smart plugs can be added to my wifi network (usually 2.4Ghz network) and controlled by the Smart Life iOS app. Add/remove devices, turn on/off specific devices etc.

Thus far the WyzeCams have retained their configuration while powered off, although not totally certain what the limits on this will be.