New Cam Pan v3 privacy mode

The new cam pan v3 is great. I have rules and scheduling down pat. I have Alexa working with it fine EXCEPT for one thing. I can’t get Alexa to control with my voice. What I want is to say ALEXA, put in PRIVACY MODE.
The cam pan then would goes into privacy mode. It appears the only way is to plug into a smart plug and setup to turn off the cam which automatically parks it maybe.
Obviously I’d want the reverse too.

You should be able to tell Alexa to turn off the camera. Turn off and Privacy mode do the same thing…ARE the same thing. So try telling Alexa to turn off that camera and see if the camera points downward just like “Privacy mode.”

Edit: Just checked, Alexa doesn’t support on/off either.

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That will of course turn the camera off - instantly. It will stop where ever it is pointed because it will lose power and therefore the ability to move to the privacy position.

My Alexa voice Commands to turn on or turn off any Wyze Cams, or any other function for that matter, are always met with “Cam Name Doesn’t Support That”.

The Alexa I have has never been able to perform any actions on my Wyze Cams. Routines are the same. Every cam comes up in the Actions list as “Unsupported”.

The exception to this is my Floodlight Pro’s. Alexa can turn on\off the lights and set the brightness.

Am I to understand by the replies that your Alexa will do these things?

Oh, apparently you’re right. I thought it did work for some reason. Maybe I was just thinking of the on/off rule triggers on Google or something.

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My opinion on this is it’s all tied to the Wyze Skill. Wyze needs to add some programming updates to their “Wyze Skill” and things should theoretically work as if you’re using the actual Wyze application on android/iOs.

For example: My v3 cam at my front door can only trigger a Wyze switch (Porch Light), however, it can’t turn on the driveway lights (non Wyze switch). So I just use Alexa’s “Routine” programming to trigger the driveway lights if front door cam detects a person and i set the routine to only be valid when it’s dark out. It’s all within the main skill what can and can’t be done.

On a side note: Unplugging the usb cord theoretically is removing power. I have a v3 with a spotlight setup and i periodically notice the spotlight disappears in the app. Removing the usb a gazillion times and it still doesn’t see it, however, unplugging the 5v 1amp usb power adapter and plugging it back in works. Replacing the adapter is an easy fix, but I’m wondering if you had any thoughts as to the actual cause in the adapter itself?

Agreed. Wyze Alexa integration and Wyze Skill development has been stagnant for some time. I would suspect it is because of staffing resource issues on both sides as well as the new focus toward Matter compatibility and compliance. But, both of those are above my pay grade.

Correct. The Alexa Wyze Skill lacks the full list of Cam triggers available from the Rules Engine in the Wyze App. However, when I absolutely do need Alexa to trigger on one of those missing Wyze Cam Alexa Triggers, like “Wyze Cam Detects (Motion, Sound, Smoke Alarm, CO Detector, Vehicle, Pet, Package)”, I introduce an intermediary relay device. My go to device is the Wyze Plug. It has On\Off triggers and actions in both Wyze Rules and in Alexa routines. So the Wyze Rule would be “When Wyze Cam Detects Motion, Turn On Wyze Plug”. The accompanying Alexa Routine is “When Wyze Plug Turns On, Turn On GE Cync Switch”. The beauty of this is I can use the Wyze Rule “Turn On For” action on the plug if I want it to be timed. I then have reciprocal Rules and Routines that would turn them off.

Removing the USB from the spotlight will disconnect the spotlight, but it isn’t doing anything inside the V3 Cam that controls the spotlight.

The spotlight is an accessory to the V3 controlled by the V3 Firmware using settings loaded from your account on the server. It reappears after the Cam Power Cycle (unplugging the power adapter) because the V3 that controls the spotlight has been rebooted and a fresh set of settings that were previously saved on the server (containing the spotlight attachment) are loaded to the cam.

The bigger question, and one for another topic covering the subject, is why is the spotlight dropping?

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My apologies, i should have been clearer. When i meant disconnect the USB cord, I meant the cord that connects to the AC adapter and connects to the “Y” adapter that comes with the spotlight, which removes power to both the spotlight and the camera. Odd isn’t it?

Because once you unplug the usb cable from the AC/DC adapter, there is technically no load on the AC adapter. and it should “reset” since it shouldn’t be drawing any power… or is it?

Sorry to have gone off topic. I’m an old schooler… gimme a scope, DMM, schematic, and a soldering iron and i’ll fix it… but nowadays everything is practically embedded in a chip and I love to figure things out and you appear to enjoy that too. Besides, sometimes we think we’ve looked at all angles, but i miss things sometimes. :slight_smile: Thanks man. Appreciate your inputs.

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