Using Alexa to turn On or Off Wyse Cam's

Can anyone tell me of Wyze Cam supports Asking Alexa to actually turn on or off the Cam?
Say “Alexa I’m Leaving Now” then the Cam or all Cam’s turn and motion detection is enabled.
Say Alexa I’m home Now Then the Cam or All Cam’s turn Off and Detection is Disabled.

I know there is a command that I can use with my Cam Plus to Turn on Motion detection, but I don’t want the Camera’s On When I’m home, I want them off.
And Yes I know this can be done using the Wyze App, but I want an Alexa command to do that.
Also know that IFTTT has an Applett to do this, but I’m thinking that the Wyze App itself can or should support this.
Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.

Never going to happen, did you return them?

Looks like this is unsupported in Alexa today with a camera control group.

If this is important you can just put a smart plug for each camera and control that through Alexa instead.

Small expense and more flexible.


Yeah I tried the groups as well. Sad really.

But I did get HA presence (pinging phones) to work though ifttt to turn the cams on and off when I leave/ come back

Already considered the smart plug, to but the ITTT applet works perfectly. Simply say “Alexa trigger I’m leaving” and all camera’s in the house come on.

IFTTT isn’t supported by Alexa anymore! Such a simple integration, yet they want to the paid to do it!