Replacing IFTTT

Now that IFTTT is reducing their free routines… Again, I was hoping that I can find alternatives to some of my applets. Besides IFTTT, is there anyway to turn on or off all cameras and enable / disable motion detection? It looks like both alexa and google don’t work.


Any time I find that Alexa can’t do what I want her to do because she lacks the Triggers or Actions, I still put her to work but keep it simple for her.

I employ a Wyze Plug. To have Alexa turn off all my cams, I set up a Wyze plug named “All Cams”(nothing plugged into it, just sitting there waiting to relay a message to my other Wyze devices). I tell Alexa to “Turn Off All Cams”. Then I create a rule that when the “All Cams” plug turns off, turn off all cams. I have another plug named “Cam Notifications”. “Alexa, Turn Off Cam Notifications”. When the plug goes off, a Wyze Rule mutes the notifications. I then have opposite rules to turn them back on when the plug comes back on. “Alexa, Motion Detection Off”… Wyze plug named “Motion Detection”… Wyze Rule when it goes off.

I bought plugs in bulk when they were on sale for this very purpose. I only have a couple left and had to employ power strips to plug them all in.

The possibilities are endless. Any action on any Wyze device can be triggered by the On\Off of a Wyze Plug and is therefore able to be relayed from Alexa.


I hear you. I was hoping to avoid new hardware, and another ecosystem where I need to create rules/routines.

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