New Wyze cam user. How auto turn on when leave house

Is there a way via Amazon Alexa app to turn on the Wyze camera via voice before I leave the house. In other words a routine with a special camera name I provide? In my Alexa app I see the wyze camera listed as unsupported for some reason. I am using an Android S8 phone and the Alexa app.
Thank you

You can do it with IFTT app. IF= phrase said to Alexa. That= turn on camera or cameras. If you are the only one. You can use IF= location That=turn on camera. I have wife and two kids so I use life360 app with IFTT. Life360 geofence lets you do last one to leave and first one home to turn cameras on and off. The second and third option you don’t have to say anything the geofencing controls it.

Thank you. Never used ifttt but it’s on my phone.

I use it and it works well. Choose a location and have a rule turn on interior cams when I leave and another turns them off again when I return. All using the location of my phone.

Wha? How do you do this!?!?!?

I am not sure exactly the way he does it but there are a few ways. I use the Life360 app and IFTTT to do it.

You set location as the trigger and it allows you to pick a area on the map to either exit or enter. Then plug in your address. Next choose the Wyze action you want to run like turn on the cam or the lights. You do two of these, one for coming and another for going.


This is no longer a viable option as IFTTT has transformed into a premuim pay only service. The Alexa support needs to be updated to support turning cameras on and off.

There’s no good solution I’ve found yet since IFTTT made it’s change, but I’m looking. I still use IFTTT for the 3 most important things and jettisoned the other stuff.