Smart Assistant On/Off Voice Command for WyzeCam

Would be really nice to be able to turn the cameras on or off using voice commands.

I personally don’t leave indoor cameras on until I leave the house and it would be nice to just tell the smart assistant (alexa/google) to turn on the cameras before I exit.

Yes I know there’s location based on/off but I’ve tried that and it drains the battery very fast on my phone.

Thank you!

[Mod Note]: Post was moved to this category as your request is satisfied by existing functionality.

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Here are some Wyze setup guides for Alexa and Google (and IFTTT if you use use it). Note that these guides are slightly out of date. Also, Google has limited several features and restricted some, notably turning a cam off. There are many other helpful forum posts located on this forum and YouTube videos on the Internet. If you have setup problems or need help with a specific scenario, post a reply here and your fellow forum members will likely jump in.


Er, isn’t the simple answer that this cannot currently be done with either Alexa or Google?