Camera on/off setting

Is there an option to turn the camera off when I’m home? I know about the notifications timers. I don’t need or want a video stream while I’m home. My cameras are in a 1 bedroom apartments since I’m on the ground floor. I have them aimed at my siding glass doors. But the camera view is of the entire room.

If you don’t actively view the video stream, then it is not going anywhere. So no need really to turn it off for that purpose.

If you want to turn on/off motion detection alert videos based on the location of your phone, you can accomplish that with the iFTTT integration just recently incorporated. Lots of info if you search IFTTT here on the forum.

If you really want the camera shut down when you’re home, you can either just pull the power from the camera, or use a smart switch of some kind that either provides it’s own geofencing functionality or can be controlled from IFTTT.

Is there a word that describes the feeling of being confronted with smart and stupid at the same time? It’s what I’m feeling, when presented with the void of an arm/disarm button.

IFTTT has a geofencing applet for a single person leaving/arriving (When I…). Is Wyze for single people only?

YES, plugging and unplugging all cameras would effectively arm and disarm all cameras! Un/screwing all the lightbulbs in the house to turn lights on/off would work along those lines as well, and would greatly simplify electrical wiring in houses - pure genius!

I’m generally impressed by the quality of the cameras, and the software is quite alright, but a strong odor of “we don’t give a f***” is present as well.

Having active cameras recording 24/7, and possibly having somebody, somewhere tapped into them is not something everyone is comfortable with.


This is my biggest complaint with the wyze cam. I don’t need to be recorded when I’m at home so why would I want my camera on? We have resorted to adjusting the camera so it’s facing a wall while we are home. It’s a really silly solution, but it works as long as we remember to adjust the camera back before we leave the house again. We also turn the camera off in the app when we are home, but Im not overly confident its off because everytime I turn on the light switch in the same room as the camera the wyze cam clicks as if its sensing a sound detection.

The camera is not completely off, as I reported before the camera is as HOT when off as when is ON, RickO told me the camera can not go completely off because it is waiting for the APP to signal to turn back ON, there is no live feed giving you the impression it is off but if you look at the SD Card it keeps recording at least that is what I found last week with one of the cameras


The click being heard is the night vision filter cycling on/off. That should not happen if OFF mode and I believe Wyze is already looking into this. There is also a report that the cam still streams to TinyCam in OFF mode and now the report that the SD card recording continues. I’ll pass these on to Wyze to look into also.