Unable to turn off Wyze Cam Pan from iPhone app

Anyone else suddenly having trouble using the “More -> Turn Off” feature from the Wyze iPhone app? It used to work fine but now when I tap “More -> Turn Off” the status just keeps circling and eventually says “Operation failed”.

Everything else appears to be working properly.

Yes, the exact same thing happened to me today. What’s gong on?

I’m glad it’s not just me.

I’m on the latest version of iOS and the Wyze app and have tried rebooting my camera (and iPhone and router) but no luck. Not sure why just that functionality would be down?

Same here. Worked fine yesterday. Hopefully, tech support will chime in on this. I find it hard to believe we are the only ones with the exact same problem.

I am being told that Wyze is aware there’s an issue with ON/OFF. It may be a server problem and they are looking into it ASAP. If anyone can file a support ticket from within the app, which will forward the app and camera logs to Wyze, that will help them track it down as quickly as possible.

Just did. Support Ticket #79719

Same here on the Android App!!!

I registered to the forum just to report this issue!

I tried all combinations:

  • Power Cycle
  • Factory reset
  • Uninstalled and installed the android App again
  • Formatted the SD Card (64Gb Samsung)
  • Ran the Wyzecam without the SD Card
  • Deleted the device and added in the App again
but nothing worked. It's impossible to turn off the camera.

I also noticed that the motion detection alarm setting turns itself OFF suddenly and I have to set ON again.

What’s going on?

Problem on the servers? Someone hacked the servers? Are our accounts secure in the Wyze cloud?


<!–more–>Having same issue on Android Moto G5+ and it’s driving me crazy! I thought the kids were messing with me and the camera. Going to have to unplug til resolved.

Support Ticket #79805

Same issue on Android, Galaxy S7.

May want to try it now. I just tried it on both a V2 (version and a Pan Cam (version Both were on to start and I was able to turn them off and then back on. Using an iPhone 6S with version 1.4.56 (yes, I am a beta tester). If it was a server problem as RickO said it may be, it may be resolved now (9:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Monday).



Yup, looks like ON/OFF button fixed.

Tested ,Functional

Anyone else still having this issue/having it again? I have two Pan Cams that I cannot turn off from my iOS app all of the sudden. I have the latest Wyze firmware and Apple OS running.

I keep getting “operation failed” and it’s been hours of trying to turn them off.

Try , Kill the app, if that doesn’t work try , uninstall and reinstall the app

Tried both and neither work. Hoping maybe at some point it will magically start working again just like it stopped, haha. For now I just turned off my notifications so that will do I guess.