IFTTT triggers and geolocation

Using IFTTT with Wyze Pan. I want to trigger my cams to enable Motion Detection when I leave or return Home. The problem is i have one cam I want fully armed at all times while the other cams I want to enable and disable when leaving or returning. The problem is it cams to be triggered allows all cams or just one cam and no way to pick two or more but not all.

Change the triggered cameras to be enabled or disabled by a check mark, allowing one or two or any number of cams to be triggered will allowing some cams not to be triggered. Now its one or All or Any as the selection choices.

I have a test set up to enable and disable motion detection using the location service on my Samsung S5, but its failing to trigger. The IFTTT app shows it was triggered but the WYZE cames were not changed.

I also made another trigger, activated by the Arm system mode on my ISmart alarm to enable motion detection, and another using the ISmart alarm to disable motion detection when I activate the Disarm or Home system mode. Neither of these will do the trick. This would arm and disarm both my ISmart Alarm system and WYZE cams motion detection. In theory it should work and is the logical way to get both alarm systems to work together.

Question for anyone.
Are the IFTTT scripts saved on my cell phone or at the IFTTT server, or at a WYZE server. I assume the IFTTT app must be running or running in the background with the cell phone powered on or nothing would work. So could this problem be that the IFTTT server is down. Any ideas would help.