Can I control an IFTTT enabled siren with Wyze ?

Hi ,

I’m actually most concerned about intruders in my house while I’m asleep.

Could I control a device like iSmartAlarm Satellite Siren … which claims to support IFTTT… with the Wyze Cam Pan and software.

That is detect motion with Wyze and then turn on the Siren to both wake me and scare the bajeebees out of the intruder ?



Wyze has an IFTTT motion sensed trigger. If the siren has an IFTTT action that turns on the siren, then yes you can easily set this up.

One caution though… it might be hard to narrow down the camera sensitivity and detection zone so you don’t get false alarms. For example, if a bug decides to crawl across the video frame with night vision on, it’s almost guaranteed to set off a motion alert.

That’s promising at least.

Would it be possible to reduce the false alarms by requiring two camera’s detecting motion before issuing the IFTTT trigger to the alarm ? Or is that going to cause the opposite problem of not alerting when it should?

And thanks for the quick response Rick!


Interesting idea, having two cameras motion needed for trigger. As long as the cameras were set physically in such a way to be sure to read motion from the intruder, it could work. Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to do that with IFTTT. I know it’s possible in IFTTT to have multiple actions follow a single trigger. I’m not aware of any way to require multiple triggers to cause an action. However, I’m not what you’d call an IFTTT expert.

There may be some clever way to string together recipes to make this happen. Something like having the first camera’s motion trigger an intermediary action that somehow sets a flag. Then when the second camera’s motion is triggered, the siren is triggered only if the flag is set. I have no idea what the intermediary would be though.

Unfortunately the iSmartAlarm siren will not be recognized until it is setup with iSmartAlarm hub … so I own a $35 paperweight :frowning:

Wyze needs to expand its product line to include at least remote sirens and switches.


I am looking for a standalone siren/alarm that I can plug into a smart IFTTT enabled plug and control based on Wyze motion detection. I have tried searching over the web for a simple/inexpensive plug-in siren that would ring when simply turned on/powered but could not find anything. Has anyone on this thread been using something like that? Any recommendations?

Can’t claim to know all the options out there but I can say that I was able to get the iSmartAlarm siren to work but …, you will need to purchase a minimal iSmartAlarm base system to enable the siren unfortunately. But once you do then the siren can be used via IFTTT with Wyze cam triggers.

That might cost about $150 on amazon but you do get a motion sensor and window/door sensor too. It all works surprisingly well together. I do love the Wyze cam but I have to say the iSmartAlarm motion sensor works better as it’s less likely to have false alarms. I think having both is a good thing though. The siren goes off and I can verify by looking at the Wyze cam.

Hope that helps


Thanks for your response, Larry! I’m looking for a much cheaper option (hoping to find a very basic siren for 10-20$). If that doesn’t work out, I’ll look into the iSmart solution.

Hi Larry, FWIW… I bought a 30 watt horn/siren and smart outlet to plug in to. Horn is extremely loud ($30) … plug $10-15. If I hear notification sound when away from home, I can turn on/off alarm thru outlet App… works well, but not ideal if you want to scare off the intruder ‘immediately’. I wish Pan had a unique notification sound that could be used instead of having to use my phones default sound…same as all other notices received. BTW … Tipster was helpful in providing this info for setting up a workaround with IFTTT … I decided against after noting the possibility of a 15 min activation delay…easier to keep what I have… :thinking:

Tipster’s comments: Here are the instructions for creating an IFTTT applet:

IFTTT Help Center

How do I create an Applet?

You can create an Applet for personal use on using the Applet creation tool or on our mobile Apps. On Navigate to your username in the upper right corner Select New Applet fro…

You would need a Wyze account, an IFTTT account and an account for the new switch.

Keep in mind that IFTTT only guarantees checking triggers every 15 minutes, so there may be delay before the switch activates. Typically it is much faster.

As far as turning the switch off again, the easiest way would be if there is automation available within the switch’s app to do that. I have no idea if there is since I don’t own one of those switches.

If the app doesn’t provide that kind of automation, you could probably do it by integrating Stringify with IFTTT to run a timer. That would be another process to construct.

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Hi maxrpm

good to know about the smart outlet / horn option… thanks!

yeah that does not solve the … I’m upstairs in bed and an intruder enters the house. I want that alarm to go off immediately. Relying on a phone notification seems a bit unreliable.

With the newly announced Wyze Sense, this should be achievable with the door sensors without the risk of false alarms. Hopefully there’s an IFTTT trigger to enable/disable the sensors. Now, there’s still the problem of finding a siren that just starts sounding immediately off an IFTTT trigger.

Hi Ryan …
I just pre ordered the Wyze Sense :slight_smile:
To solve my siren issue I have been using the Wyze Cam in conjunction with a iSmartAlarm starter kit. It was not to hard to create an IFTTT trigger from the Wyze Cam to the iSmartAlarm hub … which sets off the alarm (although I admittedly have not tried it for a few months).
I love the Wyze Cam and looking forward to trying the Sense and hopefully someday a Wyze alarm and then be on one system.

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If the day comes that Wyze Cam integrates a alarm off of motion, I would then ask that the firmware allows for phone call notification to differentiate the importance of ‘this’ type event over just a push message, or better yet as I get with my Piper system, Phone call, Text push and Email message happen when I choose to be notified for ‘motion detection’.

You can use IFTTT to call your phone. So you can use the Wyze Sense pieces to call your phone, which might be a good alternative to a siren.

Sounds interesting if it works with my Pan camera? Can you direct me to the IFTTT app…is it on their website?

I will still use the siren to scare the intruder, I think a phone call to notify of the situation is the most noticeable alert of the event.

Thank you.


Just looked again. Only available in the US. But one of the “then this” services is a Phone Call. I tested it and it works. Worked within 10 seconds.

Thanks for the heads up! … appreciate it.


Hi Buggaby, I hate to be a pest but I can’t find a ITTT app that seems appropriate for a call if WYZE motion is detected. Nothing under WYZE and nothing appropriate under general search. I saw a couple for other Companies devises (motion, water, smoke). I do have Alexa and wondered if it could call for ‘sound’ … but I’d rather it be for motion detected.

Thx. Mark


This is (normally) supposed to be easy to create your own IFTTT applet. Just click on the + and then find wyze. Unfortunately I just tried to create another app for the new wyze sense contact sensor and now IFTTT cant find my pan cam device:
“No option available”. I reconnected from IFTTT to wyze and the other old triggers are finding my device. So there maybe an issue that Wyze needs to resolve. All the firmware is up to date to. sigh

No bother :slight_smile:
When making an IFTTT applet, you have to select the “if this” trigger, and then the “then that” action, right? So the Wyze is the trigger. You should be able to see a variety of Wyze triggers, including motion detection. Then when you have to select the action (it should be say “Choose action service”), search for “phone” and there’s an action service for phone that comes up. The instructions from there should be simple enough.

Sorry if I assumed too little about your knowledge. If you already know how to do the above, then maybe there’s a bug. I did notice that I had to reconnect my Wyze devices to add a new trigger, like @nhhillrider said. Maybe that’s the problem?