IFTTT: ability to select a subset of cameras in one recipe

I’ve seen requests for further IFTTT integration, but have a request for a specific feature.

I have 6 wyze cams (yes, I know, I have a problem). There are 3 I’d like to turn on when our home alarm is set, but the other 3 need to stay on all the time.

I have successfully set up 3 IFTTT applets for each of the 3 cameras. 2 of them work most of the time. However, the 3rd seems to get ignored. The trigger is a search in my gmail account for an email from our alarm for either armed or disarmed.

I think the solution would be to have the ability to select multiple (but not all) cameras in one recipe.

Thank you for considering!


I have the same need and have made a request for Wyze to set up an IFTTT ability to simply execute our shortcuts we have created within the Wyze app. The shortcuts are pretty powerful and the ability to execute our own thru IFTTT would open a world of possibilities…

There’s a separate #roadmap topic that addresses that:

Wouldn’t the app need to be on to fire the shortcuts? If not that’d be awesome.

Good question. I would think not since the other Wyze services work when the app is off - ie turn on/off motion detection when leaving an area

Tom Payne

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I see my idea was “maybe-later”-ed which is disappointing. However, your idea of firing off wyze shortcuts via ifttt would indeed give me the freedom to do what I’m trying to accomplish. It seems like a really easy thing to implement.