Alarm Siren IFTTT

I recently found out about Wyze and want to purchase more products such as Wyze Sense etc. I am using a Simplisafe alarm which doesn’t support IFTTT. Does anyone know of a budget-friendly alarm that supports IFTTT that can be used with Wyze Sense?

By alarm, are you talking about just the siren, basically you want something loud and obnoxious when your sensor triggers

Exactly. I would like to eliminate my current home security set-up and just have services added within IFTTT that after a certain time, if they detect open an alarm will trigger with a loud siren. I sometimes forget to turn my alarm at night and If i could have it all set-up within IFTTT it would be nice.

I am new to IFTTT but very interested in testing the limits of it with different products.

What is your current home security setup, because sometimes you can tie it into the setup also and make it work easier.

I use Wyze and SmartThings, and with SmartThings I can run things through webcore and IFTTT

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My current setup for home security is Simplisafe with contact sensors, keypad, and 105 db alarm. I did some research and didn’t see that they support IFTTT which is a bummer,

I would like to get Wyze Sense, but trying to find a alarm and maybe keypad that works with Wyze Sense/IFTTT.

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Doing a quick look on Amazon there were a few inexpensive ones, but they had poor reviews. The other option I found is to just find a siren that plugs in and plug it into a smart outlet that you could set to give power at the trigger of a sensor

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I didn’t think of that, great idea. I appreciate you taking the time to provide some assistance with this. I will do some more research into the smart outlet.

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I try to help when I can, I know when I first started I asked for help everywhere so I try to give back

Can’t you just get a smart io device?
Sense the arm / disarm (input) & activate alarm sounder (output)

An example is

There’s a lot more output devices than input devices available, you could use something like a Shelly 1 if you just wanted the existing sounder to be used