Wyze IFTTT with Ring Alarm

Im new to IFTTT but I would like some help fro the community. I have the ring alarm and would like to simply arm my Wyze inside cameras and sensors for motion and notifications when I arm my Ring Alarm. Is that possible?

If Ring also works with IFTTT then it is probably possible, I do not have Ring, but what you would look for is IFTTT to be able to see that Ring is armed and if it is the action would be to turn on cams and notifications

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The Ring Doorbell works with IFTTT but not the Ring Alarm. Has anyone else tried this or knows what’s the status of Ring Alarm integration?

Ring Alarm still cannot use IFTTT to do the integration.

Ring Alarm integrates with SimpleCommands, but SimpleCommands does not appear to support/integrate with Wyze. Maybe if SimpleCommands integrates with IFTTT then we could gain Ring Alarm + Wyze integration. Contacted SimpleCommands and they eluded to possible IFTTT integration on the roadmap.

I know I am late to the party but I use both Ring and Wyze. While they both integrate with IFTTT now, it is easier to use Alexa to accomplish what you are trying to do. Alexa Guard will use Ring and all other compatible smart home devices to monitor your home while you are away. Setting your Ring Alarm to away mode will trigger Alexa Guard mode and visa versa.

How do you find the alexa guard mode? Is it a skill? If so, I just searched for it and couldn’t find it.