Ring Alarm and Alexa Integration

h1. Ring Integration

Shortcut e.g. motion detection, patrol turns on when Ring Alarm is set to Armed Mode
Shortcut or patrolling etc turns off when Ring Alarm is set to Disarmed

h2. Alexa Integration

“Alexa set Wyze Shortcut

h3. Other wishes…

Was also hoping shortcuts would add options to

  • stop motion tracking and
  • panning
  • go to a certain waypoints.

Loving the cameras. Been using one in the garage and it survived the polar vortex.

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  1. Please submit your idea for Ring integration as a stand-alone topic. #roadmap topics need to be single subject so that when a user votes for it, we know what they’re voting for.

  2. Same for your request for Alexa integration. I would title it “Ability for Alexa to Trigger Wyze Shortcuts” (to differentiate it from other Alexa integration that either already exists or already has #roadmap topics).

  3. Regarding your third request, this topic already exists. Please hop over and vote for it:

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