How do you run a Rule/Shortcut with Alexa?

I have a couple of Rules/Shortcuts defined for my Wyze Camera V2 1080p HD.
The camera is setup in the garage.

One Rule Stops motion detection and notifications, the other Rule Enables motion detection and notifications. They work just fine clicking on the rules/shortcuts. Kind of nice to be able to work in the garage and disable these.

How do I run these with voice commands via Alexa?

I have setup a couple of IFTTT Applets to accomplish but since IFTTT is not free (anything over 3 and IMHO overpriced). How do I accomplish without IFTTT?

You don’t. Alexa doesn’t see Wyze’s rules.

Create your routines in Alexa directly if possible. Wyze bulbs and plugs are supported pretty well, and the cameras support using Person Detection as a trigger.

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Yep, saw those triggers, have a couple of Routines setup to display the camera on motion detection for 4 minutes to my Echo Show device.

For those wanting to be able to run Rules/Shortcuts with voice commands to Alexa you can vote on this here;