Wyze Cam motion triggers Alexa routine (eg. display camera on Echo Show)


I would love to use my Wyze Cam V2 as a Video Door bell in combination with My Amazon Echo Show (Echo with a screen).

Right now it’s possible to show a Wyze Cam live video on a Echo Show just by installing the Wyze Skill on the Echo and telling it “Show my camera [Name]” but only on demand. My idea is to have it automatically when motion or sound is detected by the camera or by the independent Wyze motion sensor (when someone is at the door).

For that, I image the Wyze Cam motion detection function triggering an instruction to the Echo so it shows the live video, which also activates and plays the sound.

Would be great to stop showing the video when no motion is detected anymore or after a few minutes.


I don’t remember if the Echo Show runs on Android or not, but if it does, and you can install or sideload apps on it, you might try TinyCam.

I believe that TinyCam has a mode that will bring it to the foreground when motion detection (it’s own motion detection) is triggered.

Hi, thanks for your advise.

Echos work on skills. And there is no TinyCam Skill.


A brief Google search revealed to me that the Echo Show uses the Fire operating system, which is android based. It may be possible to sideload TinyCam on it.

Hi, can you explain further how I can integrate TinyCam with the Echo Show? Interested in implementing this but not sure how it works.

It looks like Amazon has the Echo Show developer mode locked down for enabling apps from unknown sources.

Nobody has posted anything about overcoming this that I could find. Probably because you can buy a Fire 7 tablet for less money and sideload apps easily on it.

I would love this feature as well! Will work well when I use the Echo 5 as a companion to the WyzeCam. If sound or motion is detected, then the video feed will turn on for say 5-10 mins. That’ll be amazing!

Please please pleaseeeeee implement this if possible :slight_smile:


Until the tag in this topic changes from “maybe-later” to “researching”, we have no definite time when this will be implemented. The amount of votes isn’t the only thing Wyze takes into consideration. How it works:

We want to see how many people support each feature and what kind of impact it would have. Please vote for posts that you want to see implemented. If you want to add use cases or otherwise discuss the feature, please do that, too! We’d love to see likes on the use cases and ideas for when we start investigating how we want to implement the ideas.
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I would love this feature too. My use would be for a baby camera in two different room. With one alexa show it would then show video and sound for the baby that is crying.


I’m also interested in this function in order to use the camera as a baby monitor. The camera already can detect sound and movement. They just need to add the capability of sound/movement notification to the Alexa skill.


Would be great if when for example my front door cam is triggered, my echo show 5 shows the live feed immediately.


There is the question of whether the Alexa API currently would support such a function. I note that even the Ring Doorbell cameras lack this obviously useful capability (despite Ring being an Amazon company).

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It would be possible if Amazon Alexa opened up to IFTTT but there are no actions available for any Amazon Show devices. I’m not sure if this is something that Wyze can influence.
The trigger exists on the Wyze side of IFTTT but there isn’t an equivalent action for Alexa Show.


How do I vote for this? I too just installed a Wyze Cam V2 and would LOVE my Echo Show to give me some notification when motion is detected without having to give a voice command to Alexa to show Wyze Cam. Is Ring the only one that works with Alexa that way? I have been researching for days and can’t find another that does this. I really like my Wyze Cam V2 and it works great with Alexa, but only if I give a voice command. I have recently purchased the Ring Indoor cam (not something I wanted to do found here: Amazon Official Site: Ring Indoor Cam Plug-In ) but if only my Wyze Cam V2 could work the same way with Alexa Echo Show 5 - Alexa lights up and gives you announcement with the Ring Indoor Cam. There has got to be a way that the WYZE Cam V2 can do this as well.


Hello @cindypdx and welcome to the community.

To vote for this just scroll to the top and click on vote in the upper left.


Hey, thank you Jason. I guess I have already voted for this. Sadly it shows only 24 votes under wishlist maybe-later. My order of the Ring Indoor Cam is to arrive tomorrow. I’ll test it out to see if it really senses motion activity, then if my Echo Show 5 lights up and gives me announcement without me giving Alexa a voice command to show camera as I have to with the new Wyze Cam V2 I’ve recently installed. Ring just can’t be the only camera that does what I need.

Hello. I love my Wyze cameras. Thank you so much for your company for coming up with cost effective and very efficient camera for diy security system. It is so user friendly and easy to install. I’m planning to replace all my security cameras with Wyze but I’m waiting for the motion announcement feature with Alexa. If other Wyze users requested this already I just would like to echo it to Wyze RnD. Please continue with your good products! Thank you so much! KUDOS!!

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adding more trigger options such as motion detection by the camera (this feature already exists on IFTTT)


Is it possible to configure that when theres motion detected on the Wyze Cam that the Amazon Echo Show automatically shows that motion, without needing to ask Alexa to show the camera?


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