Can Wyze security feed home automation too?

Is there any way to have the same sensors that the security system is using also feed into home automation systems like HomeKit and IfThisThenThat and Smart things and whatever Amazon is doing? (And Matter, eventually?)

For obvious reasons I’d rather not buy and maintain duplicate devices.

I know Wyze has some ability to run routines within it’s own ecosystem, but I haven’t found a clear statement of if/how we could use the event/notification feeds to trigger other folks’ hardware.

I can see that there might be security concerns, but I think they’re manageable.

Most devices have IFTTT and Alexa support, so they can be used with other devices that way. Note that not all devices have full support on these other platforms

Sounds good; is there doc somewhere about how to tie them in?

In the app settings you can link Alexa, and in ifttt search the Wyze applet

When building your IFTTT applet, it will link to your Wyze account after you add the IF trigger. Here are the Wyze IF triggers in IFTTT (note the contact sensors and motion sensors are in there):

In Alexa, you add\install the Wyze Skill and link it before building the routine. The sensors are also there as triggers.

I have found Google Home to be woefully inadequate for routines as Wyze starters don’t exist.


I’ve set up an ifttt applet for a security motion sensor to trigger a Wyze plug to turn on. Then I set up a rule to turn the plug off after 2 minutes. The first few times it worked well. But now it only seems to work maybe once every 10 motion triggers. I don’t know if it’s Wyze or ifttt.

I opted away from IFTTT due to it’s pricing. Since I am already on Amazon Prime and have Alexa devices, I have focused on trying to automate there.

I have 4 Alexa voice activated routines I execute on a daily basis. Each routine turns on a different Wyze Plug. The plug turning on is then used within 4 Wyze rules that carry out a host of automation tasks with Wyze devices, including turning on other Wyze Plugs. I also have 4 more rules set up for each of these “relay” plugs to turn it off when it has been in for x minutes. I use one of the relay plugs turning off on a long delay as a trigger for yet another Wyze Rule to trigger other Wyze devices and an additional Alexa Routine to trigger non-Wyze devices.

I haven’t experienced any failures of my 4 relay plugs turning on or off as they are supposed to when I execute the Alexa Voice Command. This would lead me to suspect IFTTT and not the plug.

Does IFTTT have a system log that shows you detailed applet history?