Can you integrate your sensor going off to cause a non-Wyze behavior?

I’m an engineer and want a robot to go off when something enters the wyze frame and sets off the sensor. Any ideas? Has anyone done this before?

The only way I have found to make Wyze devices trigger non-Wyze devices is using something they both connect to like Alexa or IFTTT.


Jason’s suggestions are the best ( ifttt and Alexa).

There are some other more advanced options that can pretty much guarantee you be able to integrate anything:

I know some people have had success using a dedicated Android device (ie one that will always stay home on the home network) and having Tasker watch notifications. Then telling Tasker to trigger other actions including webhooks or telling Tasker to run a script to open and run specific apps and anything in any app. Tasker is really powerful that way. You can program it to react to almost anything, including a sensor notification, and tell it to run any action, including potentially to another app that controls a connected robot or a webhook command. I did this for many months to force a broadcast announcement through my Google home speakers about certain activity on my sensors, but read of people doing much more complex integrations. It does have a much greater learning curve than ifttt and Alexa though!

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