WYZE Motion Sensor and Google and Alexa

So, it seems that my WYZE motion detectors can only be used if they are going to effect a WYZE product? Google HA does not see them and Alexa does not see them. (the expression of WYZE works with Google ((sort of of)). I started using IFTT to do this but like many Automation people would like to have ONE simple application that sees everything and can script anything. I might be dreaming. There are still thing I used to do with me old X-10 system that cannot easily be done today. They had a GREAT graphical interface for writing rules, scripts, or whatever you want to call them.

So, basically trying to do, if motion detected during a certain period of time then turn on something. If during a certain period of time if there is no motion (clear) for X minutes then turn off device(s).

Have been using Google HA yet Alexa seems to be much more flexable and easier to manage my devices. One problem maybe that I tend to purchase the best deal which causes me to have 4 different mfg for switches, bulbs, cameras and motion detectors. For some things one app is better than another. Just trying to keep track of which device is scripted on which app!!

Short point. How do I get to use the WYZE motion sensors on Google or Alexa?

Thanks in advance for solutions, comments or direct suggestions.

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Alexa does recognize the sensors and will respond in routines.
I would recommend you try first having Alexa discover devices.
If that fails then try unlinking and re-linking your wise skill in Alexa.
I don’t use Google HA, so I’m no help there!

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Thanks! I do not even get a symbol for “Sensor”. Disconnected and reconnected. Maybe I set something wrong? Tried to discover again, no luck. They show up fine only in the WYZE App. So tried other networks in the house, 2.4 and 5.0 Just in case. No luck. Disconnect Wyze from Alexa, restart phone, add Wyze, restart phone, switch to original network. THERE THEY ARE!!! Maybe and IO (idiot operator) but it DOES now work!!!

Thanks for leading me down the right path.

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It’s always nice when it works out. Makes us look good! :thinking:
Just glad it did work out… Feel free to post back with any other questions. That’s what the Forum Community is for!