Wyze Sensors working on Alexa

Hi all, I configured the sensors to work on Alexa Routines but I have some issues somebody created too?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. But regarding Wyze Sense and Alexa: it is not in production yet. See this post (and the whole topic):

Hi, thanks, for your answer… basically I created a routine to turn on my GE Bulbs when I detect a movement and start to count down 10 minutes to turn off. The problem was the count down timer still counting if detect another movement and turn off the bulb after finish to count… But I fixed this yesterday creating another routine to turn off separately when detect NO motion for 10 minutes, so if the sensor detect movement again the turn off routine stop to count down.

I have a lot devices in my house (50) and different brands… the integration with alexa was good !!!

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