Official Alexa Support for HMS/Wyze Sense V2

Although the V2 sensors appear to work with Alexa routines, Wyze does not officially support them AT ALL and if you have any troubles with it they will tell you that they don’t support it, there’s nothing they can do to help you, and that you can request that feature in the Wishlist. Please, EVERYONE, vote for this!!! I bought these sensors specifically for this feature since the V1 sensors worked and were supported with Alexa routines, and I’m an idiot and assumed that these would too.

**Mod Edit: Title Modified for clarity

It’s mentioned in this support article that the V2 sensors do work with Alexa Routines(exactly like V1 sensors).
I have multiple V2 sensors working with Alexa without issues.

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As with @Brlepage , my v2 sensors work well within Alexa and Alexa Routines. Not sure which part you are having an issue with, can you elaborate some?

My issue is that Alexa does not officially support the V2 sensors. Can you please just vote for this? I’ve been back and forth with Wyze for over a month and I’ve been told by at least 5 Wyze employees that they don’t support it and I need to request this feature in this wishlist AND have people vote for it.

This article that you attached specifically says they do NOT work with Alexa… please just vote for this feature.

Absolutely will vote, and Done :slight_smile:

But would also like to figure out why you are experiencing a problem with it. Have you tried resetting the skill? Disable it and Enable it again, then do a discovery?

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I’ve tried absolutely everything including calling WYZE and Alexa. V2 motion sensors do not turn off after I put it for 1 minute or more of inactivity to turn off. The lights just stay on unless I set it to “0 minutes of no motion detected” which is roughly only 40 seconds.

The V2 sensors can be used to trigger automations with Alexa. Have you made sure they’re linked? The home monitoring service isn’t compatible, but the V2 motion and contact sensors are.

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Thats a great suggestion, I had an issue in the past where the smart integration for ALexa was not connected. I had to authorize it again.

@emulc88 , @Brlepage has a great suggestion. Go into the app, go to the account area and the Smart Integration and see if Alexa is actually still linked.

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I tested the door sensor and the motion sensor. The door sensor triggered and Alexa routine without any issues. However, the Wyze motion sensor did not trigger the routine even though it appears as a trigger device in Alexa. This is a bug. To say the v2s are not supported is fine then the big is the v2s should not be exposed to Alexa to be used as triggers. However I think the bug is that some of them don’t work - they should be fully integrated like everything else.

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The issue that I’m bringing to light is that Wyze nor Alexa offer tech support for the V2 sensors, so it does not have “Official Alexa Support”. This is absolutely true, and Wyze encouraged me to post this here to get people to vote for this to see if it’s something people want. Please vote for this item. Wyze even edited the title to say what it says.

Just to clarify, I edited the title just so it was clear what you were asking for, I don’t work for Wyze I just volunteer. I do know the v2 sensors are working for some and not others.

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Wyze didn’t even know that their V2 sensors showed up in Alexa when I called and told them that I was having trouble with them. They told me they’re not supposed to be in there because they don’t officially support Alexa integration. They very well could remove them from Alexa until people request the feature and then they’ll bring it back with support. Please vote for “Official Alexa support for Wyze HMS/Sense V2” to be added.

Thank you and I understand the reasoning. Wyze told me to put this here if we wanted Official Alexa support, so it is perfect.

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If you don’t mind, why not use the Wyze App Rules for triggering items? Curious what you are trying to do and why Alexa would be needed.

Im using 3 V1 motion sensors through Alexa that are Officially Supported and they work great, so the skill is definitely enabled. I just want to be able to have them help with the time delay. At 1 point a Wyze tech was “able to replicate my issue and are working to diagnose it” and then they came back and said they don’t support it and to add it to the wishlist.

So why not use the Wyze App and setup a Rule with the Delay? I am asking for 2 reasons:

  1. Would like to know if there is a limitation in the Wyze Rules which require you to use Alexa. If so, it could be passed on or a Wishlist could be added for that.

  2. I would love to group motion sensors together to act as one sensor. I did this in Home Assistant, but since the sensors have been temporarily disabled in it, I was looking for alternatives. But Alexa does not seem to allow creating routines based on groups either.

Here is when they said they duplicated the issue on their end

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What @spamoni is asking though is instead of using Alexa why don’t you just use the rules Wyze already has in the Wyze aop.

My understanding is they intend to support this one its all done being tested and working properly, that is why support said ‘they aren’t compatible with Alexa routines as of yet’ I think it is just a matter of time.

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