New wyze sensor v2 does not work with Alexa Routine Action


On my old wyze sensor v1, I used to be able to connect with Alexa routine.
For example, when the sensor is open, Alexa will announce that the sensor is open.
Now, with the V2 sensor that comes with the wyze monitoring, nothing happens.

Will this be fixed?


Did you go into your Alexa App and verify it recognizes the new Sensor? If it does, have you compared the settings to make sure the announcement is turned on?

I did.
When the sensor is open on alexa it shows that it is open.
The ‘Alexa Will’ part does nothing.
In fact, no action works.
It is not just the announcement.

I had the same experience today. I made two test routines and all indications is that Alex recognizes the sensors and displays their status but what ever ‘action’ I specify doesn’t happen. Likewise I moved a V1 sensor onto the hub and now it no longer initiates its actions.

Same here. New hub and new v2 sensors.

Any advice??

I also discovered that any V1 sensors that are paired to the new hub lose their ability to trigger Alexa routines and the V2s will report their status if asked so Alexa recognizes them and knows their status but just won’t use that status to initiate a routine. It seems Alexa needs an updated Wyze skill.

I’m adding my 2 cents here as well that the routines are not being triggered. I have contacted Amazon and they are looking into it as well. I have my v1’s set onto the new hub and they work without issues only the new sensors do not work. Alexa can see the open and close state but doesn’t trigger. Not sure which side it’s on for the cause but just posted on both to be made aware.

How long do we have to wait for a fix.
Are they reading the forum?

I said Alexa needed an updated skill but there was nothing I said that indicated I expected Amazon to provide it.

Its really frustrating for us users when we identify problems that require immediate attention and we can’t even get a reply from Wyze acknowledging that they are aware of the issue, let alone when and how they plan to address it.

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This is primarily a user forum and it’s not monitored by Wyze employees. I will see about getting this looked into.

I’m aware of the issue. It’s missing the proactive state. Without it, Alexa is not able to trigger the routines. I have an open defect for the engineering team to address.
I don’t have an ETA just yet but this is a pretty high priority items. Right now, the team is trying to solve a latency issue related to the skill and fixing the support of Person Detection as it is blocking multiple products certifications.


Thanks for the update.


Please keep us posted.

Thanks for the update.

Any updates??
I really think Wyze should focus on releasing a few fully tested and functional devices. Instead of trying to release a new product every few weeks. You’re clearly spreading yourselves to thin and things like this fall through the cracks. The number of bugs and issues I’ve had across multiple Wyze products has been unacceptable. I do tech support for work, and we’d never use anything from Wyze based on the amount of troubleshooting ive had to do to figure out these issues.

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An update would be great. I can’t use the sensors if the Alexa trigger doesn’t work.


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I thought I was doing something wrong until I found this post… took off my old sensors and put on V2 sensors and set up my Alexa routines (which will play perfectly for testing) … but couldn’t get it to work otherwise. Glad it is being addressed because this is an INTEGRAL part of my home monitoring. Wish I had left the old sensors on…

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I have the same issue. I just replaced my v1 sensors and updated my Alexa routines. Just to find out that my automations are not functioning. I’m actually hesitating to arm the unit. This issue is something I would have expected as a beta tester. Something address before pre-orders. I hope they deal with this soon.

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A bunch of people are having these problems with their Alexa not triggering when doors open/close

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