V2 sense with alexa

It’s been over 4 weeks since we got our new V2 sensors and discovered that they won’t trigger any actions in Alexa routines. Since we already have that capability with the V1 sensors I can’t see why there is a delay in getting this taken care especially considering that Wyze has an obligation to us for selling us defective V1 sensors long after they realized that they had a fatal flaw. I’d pose this question to support but they seem to be busy dishing out platitudes with their rehearsed answeres no matter the question so ill just leave it hang here in hopes that a Wyze employee will provide some clarification. I waited politely for 3 weeks but now I’m beyond impatient.

As of this afternoon my V2 sensors are working with Alexa routines! My garage door opened and alexa announced it and turned a light on to a specific color!!! Wyze listened and fixed!

Using home monitoring door sensors and want all my alexas to announce when door is opened. A simple chime would work. I set it up in alexa and tested in Alexa and it worked, but not when I opened the door.

Have you tried to force refresh the alexa app, checked for updates or uninstall/reinstall the Wyze skill? Even totally shutting down your phone and restarting? That said- I am also on beta IOS 14.6 and also using the beta Wyze app. Not sure what was the piece of the puzzle but figured Wyze updated their Wyze skill in Alexa.

Thanks for the info I will wait and see what happens