V2 Motion Sensors not turning off lights in Alexa

I have been using the V2 motion sensors to turn lights on and off using an Alexa routine. As of about a month ago the sensors were not turning the lights off after not detecting motion. The only way I could get it to work is to set the time to zero.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I just tested with one of my V2 Motion sensors and turning on a color bulb. It ultimately worked as expected. I did not realize that the default Off is delayed by 30 minutes in Alexa. To make it immediate, chnage the 30 minute setting to 0. In the past, there was no delay that I was aware of.

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Yes! Mine are doing this too. It is driving me a little nuts. Turns off the light if I set the time to 0. Anytime at all and it does not work. I have a SmartThings motion sensor that does work correctly in Alexa so I am assuming it is something to do with Wyze.

Anyone ever get this working? I have the same issue now

This issue was reported some time ago as not working. @R.Good lead the charge to get it listed on April’s Fix it Friday. I believe it was also reported to Amazon.

There are multiple problems with the Alexa Routines integration with the Wyze Skill that have yet to be resolved. This is one. The others were reported during May Fix it Friday.

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