Wyze Motion V2 (motion not detected for xx amount of time)

This is a confusing question so, bear with me while I set it up.

Generally, in motion sensor programming (and I suppose, something in the hardware) you have the normal “motion detected” and “motion detector for” handlers. In these cases, let’s say we have a motion sensor and with using Alexa, you can set it to trigger something on motion detection and also, not until/unless motion has been detected for, so and so amount of time. Not all sensors can handle the “detected for” handler but every motion sensor will trigger on motion.

You also have some sensors which look for motion every second, every few seconds and some every few minutes. So, for example. some older motion detectors will trigger on movement but then if you move again in the next 1 or 2 minutes, they don’t trigger, while some will be looking for motion every second or few seconds, so if you move say, 5s later, it will detect motion.

The other part of this, and this is where I’m murky on the subject, seems to be “knowing” when there is no or hasn’t been motion. I assumed this was a passive handler that is inside all motion detectors, however, I am finding that this doesn’t seem to be the case with Wyze Motion v2.

Here’s the situation. I am trying to use this sensor to turn on and off my office light switch (wifi) through an Alexa routine because Wyze claims that it will ignore pets. We own 3 cats and they really like sleeping on my office chair, which triggers my Wink motion sensor to turn the lights on at all times of the day and night. I swapped to Wyze and the detection works much better. It does still sometimes trigger due to the cats, but way less than the Wink, probably because I can’t control the sensitivity on the Wink and can on the Wyze. The problem is that I can’t get the routine to turn the light off due to “not detecting motion”. The Wink works. In fact, I have 3 Z-wave type motion detectors (Wink, Samsung and Bosch) and they all work to trigger when there’s no movement over a certain amount of time, but the Wyze Motion v2 does not seem to have this ability. Is that on purpose or just that some extra coding needs to be done?

So for example, my routines are simple:

  1. Office Lighting - Auto on: This turns on my office light switch anytime there is motion detected by the Wyze Motion v2. This one works fine.
  2. Office Lighting - Auto off: This turns off my office light switch anything there hasn’t been motion detected by the Wyze Motion v2 after 10m. This is the one that refuses to work.

For now I’ll have to go back to the really sensitive Wink Sensor which seems to trigger when my cats just walk into the office, no matter how I position it.

Has anyone else tried the Wyze Motion v2 with rules/routines to turn things on or off, etc. when no motion has been detected and had it work?


Hey neoprimal,
I had this working when I first installed v2 motion sensors about a year ago. Over the past month or so lights will not turn off via the Alexa routine using the sensors.

Yes! Mine are doing this too. It is driving me a little nuts. Turns off the light if I set the time to 0. Anytime at all and it does not work. I have a SmartThings motion sensor that does work correctly in Alexa so I am assuming it is something to do with Wyze.

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