Official Alexa Support for HMS/Wyze Sense V2

They literally told me they had no plans on doing this with the V2’s and that nobody has requested it here yet and I’m the first person to make a post asking for it. I have other brand bulbs that will only work through Alexa so Wyze app won’t work. The V1’s, however, are officially supported and work great with my bulbs.

Please also vote for this. It doesn’t hurt to vote for this feature.

If I try no motion detected for 2 mins on an old v1 wyze sense motion detector that works. When I try it on the V2 HMS motion sensor it does no work when any ‘not detected for’ time set. With a delay set it’s all working for me other than when I add the delay. So not sure why it’s working on the old motion sensors but not the new motion sensor. Clearly a bug somewhere!!

It looks like this has been moved to the #roadmap and marked as #launched! This means that this was already feature or (more likely) was launched!


I tried this myself. I set up an Alexa Routine which turns on a light and announces when motion is detected on a V2 Motion Sensor. I set up another Routine that says when no motion is detected for 1 minute to turn the light off and announce no motion.

  • Walked in front of the motion sensor and light went on followed by the announcement. Worked well
  • Started the Wyze App to check the Sensor History to ensure it also recognized that motion was detected. Once I saw No Motion, I watched. 2 minute and more later, no Notification and light stayed on. Had to manually turn it off.

So Alexa does work until you tell Alexa to turn off lights when no motion was sensed for x minutes.

Will need to look into this some more.

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Yes, there was some outdated support information. There is a conversation in the Facebook Core community where this was discussed and figured out. That conversation can be found here, for anyone who doesn’t use Facebook Bruce Wagner, Director of Support for Wyze stated ‘we are working to update the information to show that this functionality is supported and will work.’ Online material and agents will be updated following the holiday weekend.


Wanted to add that yes I’m having this issue, if I put a wait for delay on the sensors they don’t run a routine through Alexa, everything else seems to work just fine.

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Yeah nothing has been fixed yet. It’s been radio silence for me. They stopped responding to me. Please call and complain or something and vote for this.

I confirm that of today with iPhone and latest app/device firmware versions I have same Routine issue with V2 motion sensor. If I use Motion detected or motion not detected for 0 minutes - it works. If I use Motion not detected for X minutes where X>0 - it doesn’t work.
I have tried to chat and call Wyze, send logs. Engineer told me that he talked to third party team which is working on integration with Alexa but not shared any concrete information.
He also mentioned that of yet climate and leak sensors are not supported in Alexa as well.
I wish this bug is fixed. Voted

Not sure if I am reading your issue correctly, but my solution was to create a seperate Alexa routing to turn off the triggered events (motion triggers light on, then motion cleared triggers lights off). It works, but I’d much rather have an option to turn the lights on till motion is cleared.

I too want everything in the Alexa app since I have multiple other bulb brands that cannot be controlled via the Wyze app.

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I don’t know if anyone has checked in with this but this works now. I’m using a sense v2 motion sensor on a hallway, and it definintely turns the light off via Alexa if no motion detected for x mins where x > 0

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Yes, this item is tagged as “wish-granted” and noted here: Official Alexa Support for HMS/Wyze Sense V2 - #26 by WyzeJasonJ

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