Alarm or horn that might work with Sense?

I’m caring for an elderly family member with whom I live with. I would like to set up an alarm or buzzer or horn that could be triggered by Wyze Sense. This would be set in a bathroom (where it would not be appropriate to install a camera). This would wake me at night so that I could assist them when they get up to go.

Is anyone aware of a product I can buy to make this work? Thanks.

I’ve been researching similar options. Maybe someday Wyze will make some type of siren/noise making device that can integrate. But for now other than the alert noise on phone notifications from the Wyze app, I think it might take something like the IFTTT app to help trigger sounds.

Wyze Sense integration with IFTTT is coming soon (possibly Friday? from reading another post). I think maybe the IFTTT app could be setup if a Wyze motion sensor detects motion or if the contact sensor on a door opened that it could trigger something. But we won’t know what’s possible until they release the new IFTTT Wyze Sense changes.

A few general ways to trigger sounds from IFTTT… some people have used a smart plug with something plugged into it that makes sound. For example an old school method could be a older radio set in the on position that if powered on via the smart plug would make sound. There are various types of smart outlets that integrate with IFTTT. WeMo plugs work good, but are more expensive than others. I also read some people used iSmartAlarm starter kit ($~79) for sound. Based on some IF action there is a THAT option from IFTTT to trigger the panic siren on the main iSmartAlarm unit. I don’t know if or how well that works. It could also be loud for what you’re after. Another thing to consider is the main iSmartAlarm unit seems to require direct network plug in. That could limit placement and ability to hear the siren.

I don’t know if it could help wake you up, but I currently have some wifi enabled light strips setup to flash on certain Wyze camera notifications from IFTTT. There are various smart lights bulbs that can also integrate with IFTTT. For now I’m just using the light notifications until I figure out the best ways to get sounds. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Wyze Sense initial integration with IFTTT is now available. Applets can be created for IF the Wyze Contact Sensor opens or closes THEN do “something”. Or If the Motion Sensor detects motion or becomes clear THEN do “something”.

For android devices I’ve been testing the do “something” as sending a notification to the android device with message like “Motion detected in basement”. There is an app Out Loud that can speak notifications. Out Loud is free for one app which could be IFTTT or it could be the Wyze app and just read the notifications from it.

As a next step, I’ve been making Google Home do things. I leave an old android device near a Google Home speaker. The IFTTT notifications spoken by Out Loud can issue Google Assistant commands. For example, “Hey Google broadcast Alert: Motion detected in the basement”. The Out Loud app speaks the notification and the Google Assistant broadcasts the message to ALL of my Google speakers throughout the house. The voice heard is from the Out Loud app which can be changed.

The IFTTT notification spoken via Out Loud can also issue a Google routine which can do many things. For example “Hey Google Security Alert”. That runs a Security Alert routine that sets the volume for all of the google speakers to 10; the Google assistant voice says “Security alert detected.”; then plays security alert playlist from Spotify which plays loud alarm sounds to ALL the speakers). The Google routines can also include doing other things Google Home can control like turn on/off lights, outlets, etc. When Wyze Google Home integration is ready, I want to try and see if a notification can speak the commands to start streaming a Wyze camera on a Google Hub or Chromecast device.

Disclaimers… Setting this up takes some basic understanding of IFTTT and the Out Loud app was fairly simple to setup. IFTTT notifications can be slow sometimes, so you may not always get instant notifications. Sometimes the applet or notifications might fail. Depending on your Wyze sensor location you can get many alerts and the setup should consider that. The setups can be tweaked as needed for specific scenarios. Google Routines can also sometimes be quirky and not always work properly or some steps can fail.

I know there are programming options and better ways to accomplish this, so people please don’t flame this post. This is clunky and far from a perfect solution, but it can be setup in a few minutes to have talking notifications from Wyze sensors or camera events. It can also be a way to issue voice commands to Google Home speakers. It was just a fun experiment until better options are determined or become available.


Thanks for sharing your research, MakeStuff. I don’t really get enough “me time” to look into things like this (uninterrupted time something this complicated would take). It’s very interesting however.

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What about audio alarm via Alexa? It should be more seamless. Really need an alarm, it can bring in more customers from other systems. I am also considering going all wyse if an audio alarm is available.


Hey there Llyhl0510,

That is not possible unless Wyze makes arrangements with Alexa like Ring has, where Alexa notifies you with a doorbell sound and live feed when the doorbell is pressed or triggered.


I want to do the same thing. What did you settle on as a solution, if any? Thanks!

Nope, nothing yet. But I’ll probably try one of those garage door alarms.

I bought Wyze Sense with two additional Wyze motion sensors, and everything is working. I’ll add IFTTT integration to change my Hue lights for various alerts of the different motion and contact sensors, including a flashing outdoor light. It’s a solid workaround for me, for now.

Not sure if this would be an option or not but if you could somehow program the wyze sense on signal to enable/turn on a wyze plug you could then buy one of those horn/sirens that play continuous noise while power is on.

Just a thought as I have been looking into the easiest way to make a alarm noise while away.

How about making sense plug work with X10 power horn, a very loud unit.

Ok, so what I ended up doing is this:

I realized I could use my Echo speaker in my room as an alarm, triggered by a Wyze motion sensor. I set up an Alexa routine where the motion sensor in her bathroom triggers Alexa to say “Mom is going to the bathroom”, followed by a siren, followed by a 5 second wait, then repeated.

It works great. In my case I prefer it to an app on my phone. You could potentially set up an alarm for any door, window, cookie jar, etc.