Home alarm with two Wyze plugs, door sensors, Life360+IFTTT?

Hello! Here’s an overview of what I’m working with:

I have three entry doors in my home. They all have Wyze contact sensors.
I have a Honeywell WAVE-2 siren with an AC adapter.
I use IFTTT to integrate Life360 (location detection) to add triggers that occur when all family members have left home and when the first family member arrives home.
I have two Wyze plugs.

Here is what I am considering:
The Wyze plugs are stacked in one outlet.
The first one (closest to the wall) has an event trigger that turns it on when the last family member leaves home, and turns it off when the first family member returns.
The second one turns on whenever a door opens. It also has a rule that shuts it off after 5 minutes on.
The Honeywell siren plugs into the set of plugs.

So the idea is to have an alarm system that is armed when nobody is home, goes off when a door opens, and shuts off 5 minutes after activation.

Any thoughts? Has anyone else successfully attempted such an integration? I’d prefer to use one plug rather than two but that would require a more complex set of rule/state management.

In theory it sounds like that would work, I would just make sure Life360/IFTTT is fairly reliable for you or you would trigger it before it turned off.

I personally use Life360/IFTTT to turn off my SmartThings alarm when I arrive and for the most part it works. The only time mine seems to foul up is if the person arriving home first is on the phone when they arrive. Life360 seems to not update or update slower when using the phone and it does not get shut off prior to entering.

I would be interested to know how well it works because I am looking to incorporate a siren eventually and just have not yet.

Thanks Jason. Yeah, my main concern is accidental triggering if Life360 goes on the fritz and doesn’t trigger when someone comes home. The alarm is LOUD.

Disarming the alarm (for visitors when no residents are home, for example) is easy enough by simply disabling one of the two smart plugs from within Wyze. Remembering to re-enable it might be a challenge.

I’ll put it into use at some point next week and will post back with results.

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