Door monitor Dementia patient

I am looking for some way to monitor the doors at my mom’s house. (Mild dementia) I need some thing that will cause a loud continuous alarm on my phone(wake me if neccessary) or on Alexa. I love my WYZE cams at her house. She has gone outside a time or two and I really need a remote door alarm for peace of mind. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

One option is to use a Siren plugged into a Wyze Plug. when a door opens, turn on the plug to sound the alarm. You can add a shortcut then, in wyze, to turn the plug off, thus cancelling the alarm.

I don’t have a siren in mind, but I have read about some.

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Can a person set this plug up in a different home from the home the door to be monitored is in? I’m about 20 minutes away.

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I’m assuming you already have the Wyze sensors?
Here’s some links for @spamoni4’s idea:

You’ll just need to setup the plug on that house’s WiFi network and use the same account.

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I believe you can. I setup my inlaws, but on a different account. I can test with one of my plugs, I can put it in their house and see if I can control it for you.

No. The contact sensors are “out there of stock” and motion sensors. From what I’ve read people fo not think these will be available again.