Wyze Sensor to turn on Wyze plug

Hi! I am brand new to Wyze. I just bought a camera, sensors, and plugs. I want to plug a siren into the Wyze Plug and have it turn on when the sensor on the door is open. I am trying to do this without Alexa or Google. Question 1 - how do I do this? Question 2 - how can I make the siren go off after 1 minute? Thanks in advance! Gabe

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I see you said door, so I guess it’s the contact sensor. This can be done in the app with the rules. Read the following link for more info about rules.


To complete what you wish you will need to make two “device trigger” rules, one to turn it on when the door is opened, and another one to turn the plug off after one minute after the door is closed. Pretend my “Laundry Bulb” is your plug. Pay attention to the small fine print under the trigger and action names for the actions that will be completed. You can also change this as you see fit once you read the provided link and become pro at rules. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! That’s exactly what I was trying to do.

Sweet! Welcome to the world of Wyze :slight_smile: