Wyze Plug Automations

Once a plug is activated, by a sense device for instance, is there a way to turn the plug back off after a certain period of time (i.e. turn off after 5-minutes)?

I’m thinking about plugging a loud siren into the plug (which will be triggered for instance by a motion or contact sensor), but I would need a way to turn the plug off automatically after a few minutes so that the siren doesn’t sound indefinitely when I am away.

Thanks in advance!

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There isn’t at this time. But you could use a “motion sensor is clear for X time” or “contact sensor is closed for X time” trigger on a Shortcut to turn it back off.


Thanks for the reply @Loki. Now that I’ve thought it through, I don’t think my scenario will work given the current capabilities. My idea was to have a siren (used as an alarm) plugged into a wyze plug. I would want the plug (with siren) triggered by each of my indoor Sense motion sensors (5 each) and door contact sensors (3 each). I would have to create an “ON” trigger shortcut and “OFF” trigger shortcut for each Sense device. That would be 16 shortcuts. Although that is feasible, I can’t think of any practical way to enable/disable it all when I am home or away. I wish there was some way to enable/disable a group of Sense devices via shortcut and/or schedule. Oh well, still thinking about it.

that’s what my Wemo does. I have it set that when it is turned on (whether automatically or manually pushing the button) it will ALWAYS go back off after 10 minutes. I use it on the Ninja coffee pot (which for all its awesomeness doesn’t have a power saving mode), so that no matter what i know the coffee pot will be turned off. The Wyze app has this feature for the bulbs (automate>event>if has been on for X) if you have Wyze sense, so i assume the plug will have it as well.

The price for the Wyze plugs is good, but I’m personally holding off on this one to see what auto features it ends up with. I like all my smart things in the same brand, but my Wemo works great, so i’ll wait it out…plus at the moment i cannot think of 2 more things i want plugged into a smart plug. lol

I believe the automation side will be expanded as time goes on. Whether this is only with their own shortcuts or opening up an API… or both… couldn’t tell ya.

I bought in on a 2-pack to support the company. Probably won’t even use them until Xmas.
I am a licensed electrician, so everything is pretty much mains connected, smartthings integrated in my house. (I use wyze with IFTTT to connect to smartthings then to webcore… etc for a few things)

However, I have found that the Wyze contact sensors along with the Wyze bulbs makes for cheap local closet automation, as I have 12 closets.
Already had the cams (40$), 2-sense kits (40$), 3-packs of 4 wyze bulbs (90$), 2-packs of 4 wyze contact sensors (40$)… total of 210$(If you started from scratch)… That is a lot of automation for the price.
As a bonus I have the 2 motion sensors that came with the sense kits that now are used to turn things off more like a presence sensor in the room for the forgetful members of my fam.

In the present Shortcuts implementation, we have the ability to set Actions for device groups. We do not yet have the ability to set Event Automation for device groups (eg. “all contact sensors of group become clear” or “any contact of group opens”).

There is a #wishlist topic that covers this request:

Please hop over and vote for and/or comment on it.

Presumably, on/off status changes of the plugs will be included in the available Shortcut trigger set when they are released. If they match what’s available for the bulbs and sensors, it will include “plug has been on for X time” and “plug has been off for X time”. Unfortunately, I’m not able to check that in the app yet.