Cycle Timer for Wyze Plug

Can a cycle timer feature be added to the Wyze Plug? Something that would allow you to have a plugged in device go on and off repeatedly according to a desired on and off cycle for a desired number of times?

It would be nice to have a option in the plug to cycle, turn off, wait “x” time and automatically turn back on. This is used in industrial setups to cycle communications. Knowing many people want to be able to cycle their modem router with a Wyze plug this is the only way.


Currently, the timer feature for Wyze Plugs only works if it is manually set. Can we have a feature/rule that allows for Wyze Plug to turn off after XX minutes of being on (and vice versa)? This can’t be done via scheduling because it is set by direct time, not a relative amount of time after plug is turned on/off.

My wemo plug has had this feature for years (Called Auto Off Timer - Belkin Knowledge Articles - Getting to know the Wemo Rules).


There’s a pseudo way you can do this. It requires two scripts. The example I have is using a camera to turn on a light since the Wyze motion sensors are on permanent back order. What you want is in step 2 but I posted my setup just in case someone needs it.
Create a script and use a device trigger for the smart outlet, then set the event for the camera to see motion.
Set the action for the outlet to turn on.
Create another script and select your smart outlet. When you select the smart outlet, then you have to select the “trigger when plug” parameter. Select “has been on for” and set your time in hours, minutes, seconds. Click save. You could do the same for off time.
Then in the”Action” section select the same outlet and tell it to turn off.
If you want set the day you want this to run. Warning if you set the on time for say 5 days but only have the time window set for 1 day of the week, it will not work because you can’t hit multiple days in one day.

That’s it, you should now have the outlet turn off after XX minutes.

Caveate, if you are doing what I am and the light is in the same room as the camera that it’s triggering then every time the light turns off the camera will turn the light back on because it sees the light change as motion if the light turns off after 5 minutes since fir 5 minutes Wyze cams ignore motion(this should be a configurable metric). I only have my light on for 4 minutes so it’s not a problem but if you do this and want say 20 minutes let me know and I’ll post the configuration that in theory works.

Hope this helps. Cheers


It already exists as a Trigger rule and is pretty simple: When deviceX has been on for X time, turn off. You can also do the reverse.

Click the “+” symbol in the upper left of Wyze app Home > Add Rule > Device Trigger > specify the parameters on the Create Rule page > Save

In this example, when the plug has been on for 2 minutes, the rule turns the same plug off:

I think @Stuntdummyjerry is saying the same thing.


Thank you Seapup! Exactly what I was looking for.

Best from Boston,

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You’re welcome… glad to be of help. :+1:

Please add a “power cycle” feature to the plug. This way i could reboot my wifi router (That the plug connects to) remotely and have everything work.

Something like:

Power Cycle , in XXX seconds, turn off power then wait YYY seconds and turn power back on.


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Seapup, what version of the wyze app are you using? I am on android and don’t have that same options on a trigger setup. Mine are basic on and off.

That was a screenshot from the production Android app back in January. I’m running at least 6 different versions under Android and 2 under iOS. Trigger setup is the same across all. Please take a screenshot of Wyze app Home > Add (“+” symbol in upper left) > Add Rule > Device Trigger. It should look like this from current production Android app 2.26.22:

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Thanks Seapup. I didn’t see it on the original creation of the rule. Big help!

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