Wyze Sense to activate the new wyze outlet with a time duration

Can I use the Wyze Sense to activate the new wyze outlet?

Can I control the duration of the trigger? Example: if the Wyze sense is triggered, activate the outlet for 1-min, 2-min, 30 min and then shut off if not still sensing motion?

This would be great if it can be programmed like that.

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From what I read elsewhere you can have Wyze Sense activate it then a second shortcut to turn it off when say motion is not detected for x minutes.

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The plug is supposed to work with Wyze sense and shortcuts. I had asked the same question too. Here is the reply I received from WyzeMike.


The post I was referring to was the current last one in that topic that said he needed 2 separate shortcuts but both using a sensor.

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Can you control the time it is activated. Example: A person triggers the motion sensor… and I want the plug on for 30 min.

I’m pretty sure that can be done in the shortcuts. I have my bulbs set to turn off in an x amount of time with the sensors, my understanding is the Wyze plug will work the same way.

Edit: Like Jason mentioned you will need two separate shortcuts to make it work.

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Thanks everyone…

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Ohhh now I can’t wait to give this a try.